Thursday, April 20, 2006

The Future; What Does It Holds?

Oh well, just when I tot she will mysteriously disappear, she appear again right that nite on msn and started andy-ing me. So she's back again, and I think my paranoia got the better of me the other time; to cause me to even be slightly upset. Ok, must get this right again. I'm the player, not the one being played. No emotions attached. (How can I violate my own rule that I told Laling.. haha.. nv allow the gal to feel that you are even a tiny bit hard up for her) Or maybe I'm just a coward. Laling said that I always tend to back out when it's time to get serious. Actually I knew that too, just that I feel more confident when I'm simply fooling ard than when I get serious. So just let it be lah... I really dun wan to care anymore. Just do what I feel like when I feel like it. Live for the moment !

Anyway, just to backtrack a little while to sth interesting that happened last week while I was with Michelle. We went out for lunch at an Indian restaurant at Upper Bt Timah called Indian Banana Leaf Restaurant. It was actually pretty good, just that it left me with a real upset tummy for the next several days. Then while we were there, she said she wanted to take me to see this fortune teller woman that she's been to. At first I refused, cos I'm really not too into all this. But she just keep asking n asking till I just decide to give in n go have a look for myself. So we made our way to Beauty World PLaza where her shop was situated.

Alright, the following is what she told me. The first part is based on my date and time of birth, cross reference with some books she has. After giving her my birth details, she started off asking if I have purchase any car, hse, etc this yr. Well, of coz no to all, till she got ntg else to ask n ask if I bought hp, which in fact I did. Then the advice was to go n buy 4D with my hp number. (Guys, dun bother to do it if u r reading this now cos that was actually 2 weeks ago already. The numbers would have struck last week shd it be true. I din check of coz. haha) The next thing she said abt my personal life really jolted me. It spooked me, pissed me, irritated me, fucked me up, whatever u wana call it. She infered that someone in my family will pass away this yr, be it myself or my parents. Either that or I'm going overseas for a long period sort of thing. That got me a bit worked up, cos if that's what u have to say then u might as well fuck off and die. Well, it's 1 thing if u predict sth bad abt myself, cos i'm not likely to be bothered by it. But it's another thing totally if u get my family involved. I wun be able to just shrug it off like if it was abt myself. Nonetheless, I kept my cool and just get on with the fortune telling. I'm not gonna let myself be fazed by this. She went on to other things:

Career. She said I'm suitable for starting my own biz as my mind is shrewd enough; that I have intention to quit my current jog but instead shd hold on n not quit within this yr; my career would be at its peak when i'm 42 yrs old, prob that is ard when I should start my own biz or earlier.

Love life. In my life, gals would be very nice to me. My future wife would be someone from overseas, and I would get married at 31. (That would simply make my chee hong-ing locally come to ntg but naught. Hell... let's not waste any more efforts then. Haha) Even if I were to get married or attached before then, it would not be meant to last.

Health. She told me not to buy car this yr, and shd preferably avoid driving even. (Shucks, what's gonna happen to my car rental!)

General. I'm someone who would look for sources of physical pleasure when I'm single. (Reads: would pay for sex) And she has to say this in front of Michelle. Damn! She went on to amend her statement, saying that I'm someone who enjoys night life a lot, always going clubs and pubs and bars and ktv, etc

Past life. I'm an Indian! A religious one at that. So this life, I have affinity with Indians, that Indians get along well with me and Indian gals would tend to like me. (!!!!)

Next she asked if I want to read my palms. (This actually cost me another 20 bucks which I did not know initially) She took a look at my left palm, and told me sth shocking; that I had intended to get married during my early 20s. I dunno what to think. It's true that I do think of marrying Min that time, but then again, which couple dun inevitably think of marriage?

Lotsa other miscellaneous stuffs that she mentioned which I din really retain in my mind. Then Michelle also wanted to have her palms read. So she told her that her prince charming is someone who's already in her life rite now. So the silly took it to meant her current bf and kept pressing her for confirmation. And what she can give r just vague answers that do not address the qn specifically. So that made my silly gal so happy. WTH?

Sometimes, pple would sub-consciously live their life the way the fortune-teller told them it would play out. Basing their decisions in life on what the fortune-teller had dictate abt their life. Just like how it works with horoscope. Pple would unknowingly start to behave in the way their horoscope says of their characteristics. That is how these kinda think affects pple. It really gets into their mind. Even for a non-believer like myself, I can't totally get rid of what she said after hearing it. But I'm not gonna succumb to that. I am a firm believer of ntg else but myself. The man of indomitable will. Period.


jellybeano said...

Very good, hua-ge. That's the attitude. Many a times, it is just self-fulfilling prophecy.

Although sometimes it might turn uncannily true and people probably make a big hoo-ha out of it because the probability of it getting true is higher than the probability of it not getting true. As such, it will be more salient when the prophecy gets fulfilled. It is exactly the same effect why people are more afraid of sky-diving, when the probability of death by car accidents is much higher - just because the death impact is more salient and frightful.

Perhaps when you are free, you can read up this autobiography - The Fortune Teller Told me. It's about this italian guy who went round the world visiting fortune tellers and he actually noted and highlight how genuine they are.

turbZ said...

dei.. ah neh..

ur wife is gonna be from overseas? i cant help but draw the link towards ur indian roots.. mrs kwa devi d/o muthu