Sunday, April 09, 2006

Drive Cai

At 25 plus yrs of age, I did my first 'drive cai out to play' ! The end result, to put it simply, is a big hole in my pocket and an after feeling of which can't be put in words, but can only be described by the expressionless emoticon on msn. (u all shd know which one, the one i always used. haha) And when it comes to driving, u just cannot discount the bobo-ness that might happened to me. My pts shd have gone down quite a few notches in her mind, as she had to direct me the road directions the majority of the time. Well, can't be helped. There has always got to be a first time. Better get discounted with Michelle now than any other gals in the future, as I'm quite comfortable with her nontheless.

Ok, this is going to sound like an episode out of "Starving Emily", directed and produced by King of Cai Tao, Eugene Lee. But after the screening of my episode, I'll be in running contention with Eugene for Oscar award for Cai Tao of the year. It all started out with a simple KTV session at kbox at Lot 1. This is the 1st time I'm meeting her anyway, and she wants to go sing. Kbox on a sat nite; 1st mistake.

Michelle doing a Rainie Yang. (Note the red fingernails)

The ktv session ended pretty early, which got us thinking abt what we're gonna do next. She asked if I could take the car, which I couldn't decline. Declining would prob means cab or home. 2nd mistake. (Come to think of it, maybe cab isn't such a bad idea after all) A few options came up: catch Ice Age 2. Go Zouk. (WTF!!! I shot down this idea within 1 sec) Go enjoy some live band and a drink. (Wala Wala, Indochime Wisma, Timbre) Go for supper. (Arab street, Bt Timah) We decided to Wala Wala in the end. (seriously I wasn't in the mood to go too far) Ok, now the 1st problem arise; I wasn't sure of the route to Holland V. I could prob make my way there if given time on my own, but I did not have this luxury now. So I drove till SIM there and she had to direct me the rest of the way.

The time spent at Wala's was short. We reached and went on top for the live band, which happened to be taking a break at the moment. So we head downstairs fo a drink.

Me & Michelle at Wala's.

We headed upstairs again when we heard the live band starting. The atmosphere upstairs is very good I must say. The live band is good, and there were pple getting out of their seats and dancing to the rythm even. After only abt 15 min there, she said she wanted to leave! (Why! I love live bands!) Mainly cos we have no seats on top. Pretty crowded. =( But I'll be back at Wala's. Definitely.

Now comes more probs. We were looking for a place for supper. She said she likes Indian food, and there's a lot at Arab Street. (Fuck. Where the fuck is Arab Street???) She said she knows the way, so ok, we're on our way again. But..... we ended up lost. We turned into a desolate stretch of derelict shophouses, of which all r closed. Heck. So off we go, topo-ing rd the area trying to find somewhere recognizable to go. In the end, buay tahan already, so I just suggest we backtrack where we come from, and canstop by at Bt Timah there to have supper. But somehow someway, as we were backtracking we happened to pass by Bugis, and she was able to locate Arab Street. Well.. so there we go... Arab Street...

So what remains at Arab Street at 2am in the morning? Not many shops still open, a few Indian cafes here and there. We saw this nice Arabic Cafe still functioning, and decided to check it out. Hmm... this cafe... is really pretty unique a place. Genuine Arabic theme and style. Michelle wanted to try this big cigar smoking aka opium inhaling thingy called a Shisha that they have there. Pity I forgot to take a pic of that contraption. They have different flavors like strawberry, grape, apple, chocolate, coffee, etc. We had a cuppuccino flavor in the end. They had this huge thing like a opium pipe from the past where u have to suck on it. Take it liek a cigarette. There is actually smoke when we exhale, and then what we get is just cuppuccino flavor in your mouth after that.

Decor at the Arabic cafe. A huge golden tin pan hanging on the pillar wall, which keeps swaying in the wind. A bright lamp with unique carvings hanging at the top.

Michelle at the Arabic cafe. The drink in front of her is called an Arabic Ice Tea, which tastes exactly like a normal ice tea.

More path-finding on our way back, which she guide me till we reach Orchard and I can make my way back on my own. I took her back to Windermere and then packed the car at Yew Tee and walked home. The results tally at the end of the day: big hole in pocket. 50 pts down in pts. (She did tell me I already scored 50 pts just being able to talk well with her) So back to 0 pts now. =)

PS : There's ntg to the red fingernails part. She's not a stewardess. Just sth I put in to throw my buddy off track. Wahahaha...


TUrbZ said...

ermm.. turbz can open ur eyes big big when u r in the car.. look out for directions can??? nvm.. this weekend i give u fam again but not ur car swee bor.. 50bucks worth of i can drive up Genting liaoz.. :P

lil princess said...

hmmmm its twoleftfeet.. :)
yeah i heard of union square.. but dun think im up to it yet for that hahahaaa...... actually im not confident of the basics yet kae,...

Cloud Strife said...

let's just put it this way... better dun let me hear some spud asking for directions.

TurBZ said...

spud nv ask for directions..
wahahahaha.. spud just ask for carpark lot.. wahahahaha..