Monday, August 08, 2005

The Beast Is Alive

The sleeping lion has awoken, given an anesthetic shot, and went back to sleep again. So once again,

The Beast is back !

Whatever setback I go thru, I'll always bounce back again n again n again n again n again..... Ntg's gonna keep me down for long. =)

Its been a morose (I learnt this new word from Yiling, who's been using it as her nick) week, spent going thru the motion of living. I've reverted back to sleeping at 7am for the past week, and waking in the evening. Not doing me a whole lotta good, but worst of all, its been making me feel terribly FAT! Hopefully I can correct the sleeping habit by tonite, and will spend a normal waking hr week next week.

Coupled with my renewed waking hrs, I am implementing a strict dieting regime. Trial phase - 1 week. I will go without snacks in the nite time, 2 meals a day (as plain n non-fattening as possible, and cut down on soft drinks. Saturday will be my only day of indulgence. It's a grim tot to know that u r still putting on weight at the grand old age of 25. Ideal weight for now; gonna reduce to 80kg.

And this is all in order with a healthy lifestyle theme resurfaced. Hopefully Sunday can be a healthy lifestyle day, spent cycling or kayak-ing at ECP, babe watching at Sentosa, or just good old CCK gym n pool. Prob can try picking up roller-blading as well, but Huifang did give a good scare. Dun wana end up with a busted butt. I'm joining Salsa class with Lewis as well. Looking forward to this new lease of life. Oh yeah, n to stop the smokes...

Sth damn niao happened few nites ago. On my way to meet Lewis for supper 1 nite, my hp and lighter in my pocket conspired to send Adeline 40 over blank sms !!! 40 plus sms !!! I din know abt it till she called to tell me that. Dang ! I can imagine her irritation at the countless number of sms that keep coming in. Haha. Really sorry abt that, Ade. I really din think sth like that could happen. Keke. Well I finally created an imaginery fren named A with hp number 123 after that.

Now to recount the weekend. I awoke on Saturday with only half the day left. Spent the other half in town shopping with Shuling, Lewis & Eugene. This privileged gal actually has got 3 hunks to accompany her shop. Where else could u find such a lucky gal ??? We went to Oasis, the board game cafe at Bugis at nite to play games again. It really makes a good place to hang out, where u can actually do sth instead of sitting n stone.

There were 3 gals at the adjacent table whom I did not really pay much attention to at first. Just feel that the gal opposite me looks a bit like Grace from MPE. Tall, long, permed hair, and her facial features r pretty similar. Well, Grace isn't exactly the most desired babe in MPE but she does exudes her style of charm. The sensual mature gal type. So this gal gradually begin to catch my eye as the nite goes on. Till just b4 they left, we had a brief conversation when she asked us what kinda games we're playing. They left shortly after that, n that's the end of that.

Sunday was spent cycling at ECP. Under Lewis' excellent topography and navigational skills, we found ourselves at Cosy Bay near the Indoor Stadium. We looked a bit like goodu tourists taking pics, but the ones with us r in Lewis' cam. I caught some scenery with my pathetic hp cam.

A view of the indoor stadium from across the bridge

Cosy Bay. Yet to bring a gal there.

Tanjong Rhu. Jon has an apartment there !!!

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