Sunday, August 21, 2005


Employment! Things been working out in my favour. I finally found employment, but starting date is intially marred by the impending ICT. And there is the AWOL charge that I have to ans to. Then after fri, the dark clouds cleared and I see clear blue sky. I went back to Hendon to ans the charge. The lao jiaos prior to me kena fined up to 300 bucks. I got a good scare. But turn out I was fined only (relative to the lao jiaos) 50 bucks, cos of 1st offence n of coz in part, due to my lowly cpl rank. Then I looked for the chief clerk and she confirmed with me that my deferment has been approved. So that cleared me to start work on the coming Mon. Finally. There say things always work itself out in the end. I guess there's some truth in that. My past few mths of worry and uncertainty have gradually disappeared, leaving me free to start on a brand new path in life.

This will be the last weekend of bumming. (of coz I intend to make every fri n sat nite chilling out nites) A new lease of life will take over from now onwards.

Talking abt social life.... I seem to be holding out rather well following Andy-Gillian part 2. Strange to say, but I seemingly lost interest in dating for the previous weeks. Not that I'm into guys now, just that I haven ask any gals out ever since. In other words, no hong-ing. I've been spending the chilling out nites with my JC mates. Blackie, Sok, etc. More of board game playing. Checked out Settlers Cafe at Holland V the other nite with Eugene, Blackie, Sok & Sandy. We played this Zombies game. Though Settlers is more nicely-furnished and there's air-con, I still prefer Oasis.

I think this blog is getting boring. Without all the scandalous situations that I used to get myself into all so often. Rite now I am aiming to make good on my career first. But I promise thee that the lifestyle will be back. The Beast will be back. He always does.

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