Monday, August 15, 2005

Dieting Week

1 week after the supposed healthy lifestyle week. So whathave I achieved??? I tried to stick to my diet as best I could. But I feel it wasn't really any diet, just cutting down on snacking. Lesser late nite shui jiao mian or ruffles cheddar & cheese chips. I din go for jogs or gym, so no chance to check if my weight went down. Doesn't feel that it has though. Well, just have to carry it thru this week.

Weekly summary:

I met Vivian to go return our convo gowns at Serangoon Broadway. Initially, I was hesistating. Felt like keeping the gown cos I have yet to go out and take photos with frens. However, the tot of getting back the 25 bucks deposit was too enticing (been feeling the strain financially). But the bad thing is that the money went to a lunch at Sakae Sushi n taxi fares. Man, I shd have just stayed at home.

Tue was National Day. Recalling the previous 2 National Days, it was both pretty eventful. I spent National Day of 2003 with Min at Bintan. A memorable trip I would nv forget. Last yr, I met Kit for the first time on National Day. Had coffee at Bugis. Just when I tot it'll be a boring National Day this time, Michi ask me to go for the carnival at Marina South. Well, might as well. I'm not too eager to stay at home either. There r all sorts of stalls set up there.... but our attention was attracted mainly by ...

This ! Jackie Chan's Evo IX, and ...

This ! My race queen. Wahahaha.

Another car that caught my eye. Mitsubishi Colt Plus.

Anyway, our primary intention of going there is to watch a Salsa performance. It lasted a grand total of 10 min. After that, it was only nearing 5pm. Time for the NDP parade to go into full swing. Tired n sticky, we decided to call it a day n go to Plaza Sing for dinner. We sure were glad we made that decision, as flocks of Singaporeans suddenly started turning up at Marina South. The allure of fireworks n being squeezed n to feel like a human sponge. I had enough of that in my younger days. We were walking ard PS after dinner when we entered a gift shop stuffed with various kinds of soft toys. Michi bought Ashley The Runaway Pig for her sis who was named Ashley as well. kekeke. I was just browsing thru the shelves of soft toys when I saw ...

This ! Stitch !

I had forgotten that there was such a character. Then the bubbles of tot formed ard my head n my tots went back to 3 yrs ago. The last time I saw Gillian wasn't at the Sci library. It was when I went to her place to give her the Stitch soft toy. I had finished my exams then, n she was just going to start hers. She had said that my hair grown much longer then. Hahaha. Of all the weird tots to think of at weird times.

After that, I went to check out the life-size decal of The Maid that the promoters pasted in the toilets. Not really that freaky, maybe cos I knew abt it in the first place n went looking for it instead of letting it scare me.

Can't remember what I did.

I went for an interview at ST Aerospace Supplies, for position of Program Manager/Executive. Finally, I found sth that I really keen in doing. Hopefully they will get back to me. I met Alex as I was leaving and learnt that he is interviewing for the same position as well. I learnt later that it was not his first interview with them somemore. He has better honours than me and his specialization is in aerodynamics. Somehow that made my heart drop a notch, but then there is bound to be competition. Just it happens that it is someone I knew this time.

The nite was a bit more interesting. I was supposed to go town walk walk with Eugene, n Blackie was scheduled to meet Cynthia and Kailing for dinner in town as well. So we decide to all meet together and after dinner we went to the Oasis for board games (again). We seemed to be bringing different pple there everytime we go. To date, we have brought Ruimin, Shuling n now Yiling n co. to the place. We played the train game that the babe beside us was playing the last time we were here. Some snapshots ...

The black colour railways look irritably glaring. Guess who it belongs to? Blackie of coz. Well, all in all, it's a pretty interesting game. But I would think The Settlers Of Catan is still better.

Ntg much in the day. Had supper with Lewis (diner for him) at midnight at Sunshine Place. Hard life as an engineer. He worked till 11 plus everyday for the past week. He came to my place to laup God Of War till 4am after that.

The Rat, the Weasel n The Boar parked at Tivoli Beer Bar outside Dbl O to watch the season premiere match of the EPL, between Man Utd and Everton. Recently, I've started to notice soccer news more, n even go out to pubs to watch matches now and then. (Mostly Man Utd matches anyway) Well, it primarily due to Vellene who's an ardent soccer fan, but only of Liverpool matches though.

Tuition first thing in the morning. Wanted a healthy lifestyle day but everyone's too slack to wana go anywhere. On my way to tuition, I was full of vigor, wanting to hit the gym or jog immediately after tuition. All the gas went out of me the moment I hit my bed when I reached home. Napped for a while, n eventually did go for a run in the evening.

Sth to complain abt. There was this irritating old man who was jogging as well. My target is to run 2 rds round the old BP 1.6km route. This bloody old man kept using other joggers as his pacers. He would run alongside u for a while, wait for u to speed up (cos the narrow pathway isn't too suitable for holding 2 joggers side by side), and then he would sprint pass n overtake u. Then he would stop ahead n wait for u to catch up, then run alongside each other for a while, n do the same thing all over again. He did this with me for abt 2-3 times, n b4 me I saw him racing with another uncle. It got me pretty irritated, so finally I decide not to speed up. I just kept behind him at a slow pace. The old fogey kept turning rd to see if i'm catching up, but I just held my pace. Finally he couldn't stand it n sped off by himself. Bloody old geezer, fuck off n die !

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