Monday, August 29, 2005

Beach Day !

Today was a fabulous beach day at Sentosa. I'm red all over again, thanks to my SPF 0 suntan lotion. Early in the morning, Lewis sms n said that he wun be able to make it. Michelle sms n said she most likely would be joining me. Actually I was a bit surprised she would wana come, considering the bulk of the pple would be pple that even I dun know. They r mostly pple from the Silicon Valley program and their own frens which would be the equivalent of 4th degree frens. That would make Michelle a 5th degree fren. I heard abt the "6th degree fren theory", which basically states that everybody is connected to everybody else in the world thru 6 degree of frens.

Eg: How I might be connected to a native african tribesmen.

Me -----> Fren in sg -----> Fren in foreign country (eg: USA) -----> Fren in foreign country (eg: Africa) -----> Fren in Africa -----> Native tribesmen in Africa.

There. That's how it works. Thru any kind of frens that is mutual. I'm not talking abt me knowing Michael Jackson but he knows nuts abt my existence this kinda thingy. Must be mutal.
Can anybody do a thesis n prove the reliability of this theory?

Anyway, enough of digression. Lewis, this is what u have missed today:

The 1st surprise of the day. We were supposed to meet Su Min at Harbor Front mrt and when we turned up, she was with 2 Canadian babes ! (Ok, I'm exaggerating just to make Lewis hammer his chest) They r not exactly the most babelicious angmohs ard but its still a major perk. So we started with 6 of us, Eugene, Augustine, Su Min, the 2 canadian babes Corinne & Lianne (I think that's how it's spelt?) and me. We met up with the organiser Mingyao at Siloso Beach and soon after was joined by Michelle. Then came more n more guys n its getting hard to remember all their names, so I'm not gonna list.

We started with Captain's Ball in the water. The goalpost is made up of 1 guy sitting on the shoulder of another in the water. This seemingly simple task soon proved to be too much for anyone to handle for long. I was the 1st to go with Michelle on my shoulders. I couldn't even tilt my head to look up while she's on me. Somehow, my tots went back to 2000, carrying the mortar n trekking thru the jungles of Lim Chu Kang. So it was Silicon Valley vs The Rest Of The World, with me being part of The World (for short) of coz. The Captain's Ball was really crazy, with flying bodies n falling goalposts all over the place. Finally The World prevailed with a 10-8 scoreline. Kekeke.

The Captain's Ball was primary the most organised game played for the day. After that pple split up into grps n wandered all over the place. Frisbee, beach volley, swimming to islands, etc. The price for playing on the volleyball courts is at a staggering 5 bucks per person. I say, u can take ur bloody court n shove it !

Well, sth interesting caught my eye while we were playing Frisbee though. I noticed 2 bodies lying on the sands, 1 apparently a gal cos she's wearing a 2-piece bikini. Then as I looked at the other, I couldn't place his/her sexuality. (So I shall call him/her 'It' for the moment) It was wearing only a bottom, with strings at the side of It's waist. My first tot was that it was a bikini bottom only to release It's not wearing a bikini top and It doesn't look like It's suntanning topless cos of the lack of prominent boobs. (Though I dun think anybody does topless tanning in Sentosa) So the only logical reason is that It's a guy wearing a g-string. So I went over to verify. I walked 1 loop round the lying bodies n when I walked past his legs, I realised his balls were half hanging out of his tiny g-string. Man, what a sight.

We went over to check out KM8 at Tanjong Beach in the evening. It was predominantly angmoh dominated, with the pub blasting R&B music while the pple (posers) hang ard n look cool. Well fuck u pple, I'll be back to check out the place another time. We din stay cos we're getting a bit tired n there weren't any tables for us anyway. *glum*

As the day drew to an end n the nite sets in, I felt a very nostalgic feeling. it felt like........ booking-in ! Fuck. I hate Sunday nites. Well, it's quite different now actually cos it's working. Not army no more. But the feeling that it gave me reminds me so much of the dreaded Sunday nites in the past that it gave me the creeps. Most of the time when I think of work, I felt motivation run thru me. Just that maybe Sunday nites can be a bit blue at times. The feeling that the weekend past without u even realising it.

Self motivation is there. But there is another kind of motivation I need. All the while, I felt this is the kind of motivation that can spur me on the most. Take me thru my most difficult times. The motivation of fighting for ur future. Not just my future. Our future. The motivation to fight for someone so dear to u. The motivation of love. Will u be my motivation, Michi?

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