Friday, August 26, 2005

Suiting Up For Work

Close to a week after I started working. Now is Thur already n finally I found some time n energy to blog. The early waking n travelling time is killing me. Somemore these days I guai guai go to sleep at 12 plus every nite. I really felt like a zombie on wed, maybe cos I falling sick also. Today isn't feeling any better, but at least today is a slack day. Attended a security course at AMK, which basically consisits of 8 hrs of sleep in the LT. Now I gotta be so much more careful of what I blog abt work, cos I'm not sure when anything might constitute a breech of security. Tsk Tsk.

Actually so far, I hadn't really done any real work yet. The first 3 days were basically talk, talk & more talk. My job is virtually non-engineering related, though my designation is stated as Programme Engineer. Not that I'm complaining, plus I dun think I'm really cut for the engineering field. All the disgusting offers from plants and shipyards that I interviewed for already built a mental picture of an engineering career in my mind, n I dun see how I can enjoying that. But recently the job market is finally contacting the lower class honours graduates. I've got a few more interviews every week which I have to sadly reject. Did I make my choice too soon?

The Salsa Beginners Module seems more like a fiasco. 5 hrs of lessons like this is gonna cost me 70 bucks ??? Too bad I've already boarded the pirate ship. Unless I throw my overboard. Lewis joined with his dance partner. A tall and graceful gal from China with a hell of a bod. She looks like Min. As I looked at her reflection in the studio mirror, I notice the resemblance more n more. On a more realistic note, actually I dun have the kind of passion for dance like how Lewis felt. But I guess I dun mind trying out sth new. It's time to include more new stuffs in my life. I've a good mind to join SDU too, since my comp is also associated with SDU. Single, Desperate & Ugly.

I need to plan my finances. I've got a whole list of what I need to be getting come pay day, but sometimes the more u earn, the more u seem to need to pay. I need a wardrobe overhaul. More long sleeve shirt n pants, less fancy shirts n jeans. More bags, more shoes, more ties, more any kind of fuck things that u can think of. More gals definitely. Its like back to IA time now, only this time its for life. I'm looking forward to weekends. Sentosa this Sun. Hot date scheduled next Sat. Yeah !

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