Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Woe Betide The F**ker Who Stole My Bag

It took me 25 years to experience my first bag theft. Some fucker actually stole my bag at Lot 1 arcade while I had my back turned, playing the stupid army game. Items lost include: 1 large shower towel, 1 small face towel, 1 renoma sweat shirt, 1 asics running shorts, 1 crocodile underwear, 1 sony ericson earpiece, 1 black comb, 1 lighter, 1 M1 hp bill, 1 Starhub hp bill. Hopefully the bugger will help me pay my hp bills, or m i hoping too much? Well, all in all, no major losses. But still I will kill that fucker if i find him.

Yest was an eventful day. I went California Fitness gym with Ruimin, who got me a free 2 week trial membership. But b4 that, I have to endure an arduous 1 hr of the lady getting me to sign up. Then I broke my legs during the Bodypump class with the torturous squats. The squash session on sunday took my legs a lot more than i tot. Then we met up with Eugene n Lewis to watch Initial D at Lot 1 at nite. Which was also when I lost my bag. Well, Liz din like my bag anyway.

The squash session was ..... in 1 word, uneventful. The most amazing thing that happened is that nothing happened. This was the 1st time I seen Princess since that fateful nite when she pulled her disappearing act. We talked, we laughed, we played, and everything went smooth. But the flame is faint. I wouldn't say extinguished, but faint. I wouldn't say she is an unfinished chapter in my life anymore, the fairytale has concluded and we've moved on.

I'm meeting Gillian on the coming fri for War Of The Worlds. I think I'll label this week Old Flame Week. Meeting up with 2 of my past flames in a week. Any other flames wish to meet up this week??? After we concluded 3 yrs ago, I've only met n talked to her in person on a chance meeting on the train 2 yrs back.


turbZ said...

how abt moi moi? wahahaha.. or apples?! miss gor?! :P

the girl in question said...

how 'bout me? how 'bout me??! never jio.... :(