Monday, June 13, 2005

Finding The Balance

Right now I'm trying to find back the balance in my life; emotional balance, in terms of affection for gals. The cause of my recent disturbance would no doubt be Vellene. Her appearance actually caused my interest for Liz to diminish, which I think is not such a bad thing as well. Liz has too much life already. She has programs for almost everyday of the week. Had my interest level remain as high, I would have died waiting for the day when she's free to go out with me. We meet up like once a week, n I find it quite satisfying for now.

Sometimes its quite ironic how fast or sudden things and situations change, unexpected events happen which catch us totally off guard. Prior to last sat, everything was still going kind well. I'm still one of the guys she eager to chat with online, till the sat she met up with her visiting Taiwanese frens. Who would have expected that a whole grab of Taiwanese guys came instead, let alone 2 of them to be interested in her, and the worst part that she sad be interested in them. I mean come on, they dun even speak English! n she's a potato somemore. So suddenly I became someone she talked to when she's free. The 2 guys r taking up all her time online. I feel especially irritated when she put her nick in Chinese. It's as good as telling me she's happily chatting with them. Up to a pt I dun even wana msg her when I see her online. All the talk abt meeting up, it's not going to materialize anytime soon. Even if it is, I dun really want it to be now as well. The significance wun be there when she's still crazy over the 2 Taiwanese.

A note to all the clueless gals (Blackie) out there, those who are bewildered by the number of gals' name that appear in my blog: this is the kind of life that every single guy out there is leading. It is mathematically not possible for a guy to be only involved/interested in only 1 gal at any moment in their life. Dun even try to kid urself that it is possible, or ur bf is ONLY interested in u. Note: the term 'interested' is loosely defined. But this is not to say that all guys r fickle-minded. The difference lies in the degree of priority that these gals have in the guy's mind.

Well, just got niao-ed by Blackie for having so many gals' name mentioned in my blog. Hard as it might be to believe, I would also rather have fewer gals who r involved in my life. Preferably just one. That would be sufficient. The one. But who is she? Or rather where is she? I gotta get back the neutrality in my life first, for me to be able to know.

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blackie?! haahaha.. not roast duck??