Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Little Starry


I met up with Liz b4 her flight on fri. We went ktv-ing at Lot 1. She told me she's got a new suitor now. I dunno how to feel abt that. The guy is working, drives n rides, showers her with gifts, n has been giving her a lot of attention and being very aggressive. But she's telling me that he's freaking her out. But then again, who can believe what gals said? She might not be really feeling that way. Gals. Incomprehensible creatures.

I gave her a plushie soft toy starfish which she called starry. (See above) She seem to like it quite a lot. I seldom give her presents, save for beanie and starry. Actually sometimes I wonder how she feels abt me. At times, she will call to talk, or even ask me to meet up. Is that a sign that I'm just like a buddy-buddy pal or is it an indication that she likes my company n can progress to sth more? I dun seem to fall in any category that she classifies her guy frens. I'm not close enough as a pal, nor in the same league as her so-called freaky net guy frens she met up with.

Anyway, min visited my Multiply page. I wondered what took her so long, I must have visited her page like weeks back? And the only photo album that she took interest in were the one captioned 'My Leading Ladies'.

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