Monday, June 06, 2005

The Childhood Sweetheart

This entry is dedicated to Huifang, who has been demanding to have her name mentioned in this silly blog. See how I played her in the last entry? Whahaha. Ok, now I better come up with a decent entry abt her b4 she decide to quit her job as my sexy secretary. So I will relate my life story abt her now. Whahaha. Warning: the following stuff is gonna sound extremely childish. Can't be blamed cos most of it happened 12 yrs ago?

Hmm.. this gal, I have known her for 12 yrs altogether now. Though it wasn't constant contact thru these 12 yrs. She kinda disappeared from my life after sec 3 n reappeared only a couple of yrs ago in 2002. Here's how it started:

The year is 1993. The scene is the old BP campus, inside class 1A.

Sujing: what do u think of that gal? (pointing to huifang) Her name is Song Huifang.

Me: not bad loh, y leh?

Sujing: I think she's the prettiest in the class, I'm going to go after her.

Hence I started to notice this gal, whom many regard as the class belle. (Though vehemently denied by Yibao, who insisted that Xiumei is the best) Every morning when we make our way to the class from assembly, Huifang would pass by our seats in order to get to her seat. I started the usual teasing commonly done by pre-pubescent teens. So whenever she walked pass, I would call her "Sujing de ma zi". Sujing would then retaliate by calling her "Minghua de ma zi".

The kind of interactions that we have at that time r mostly the childish sort. Like during the time b4 assembly, where the guys n gals will be sitting with their cliques at the assembly ground. At that time, Ruili revealed that he likes Guat Yee. So we would do things like drop his wallet to the gals, n do stuffs that makes use of the pretext of Ruili liking Guat Yee to talk to Huifang. Every evening after sch, I'll make sure I get to the bus-stop fast, just so that I can wave goodbye to Huifang who's taking bus at the opposite bus-stop.

It was after the mid-year exams that we had any kind of more proper interactions. Sujing n I made silly bets like who can get to know her exam marks n such. So every evening after watching the 7pm show, I would call n chat her up. It wasn't exactly what u would call constructive conversation. Just the kind of kiddish banter that u would expect of 13 yr olds. Well, things seem to simmer down after the sch was relocated to its new premise at CCK. By this time, the whole class had kind of acknowledged that I was Huifang's primary suitor. Somehow, Sujing's status as a suitor seemed to have evaporated. It was kind of a bittersweet feeling, that classmates would all tease me abt her, painting the illusion that she n I r a likely couple. But only I myself known that she has yet to shown any form of positive signs abt me. Gradually I did realised that she doesn't like me. But yet I have to take the constant teasings by everyone, having to smile n laugh just to bring over the awkwardness of the moment, knowing that she does not like me. The heart-wrenching feeling, not many pple understood at that time.

1993 came to an end without much fanfare. However, I tot things had changed for the better come 1994. This yr remained as the freshest n most memorable times I had of sec sch. Cos it seemed every thing that's significant for me took place in that yr. The frenships that I had; the clique had grown. Sujing, Nose n I became known as the 3 Musketeers. In time to come, Longjia joined the clique as well, with Raymond, Ruili n Yibao occasionally joining us too. The 2 most impt gals to me at that time - Huifang n Xiumei. The feeling in the air of that era. I could still smell it sometime. It's hard to imagine that was already more than 10 years ago.

Thru sheer luck, I ended up sitting beside Huifang on the 1st day of sec 2. Thou technically speaking, my table was combined with Huiqian's, with Huifang's table seperated by a walkway. Well, I thought heaven might be trying to tell me sth, but putting me together with her again. It turned out to be ntg more than wishful thinking. Sec 2 saw the forming of the 3 Musketeers, which would eventually lead to my downfall, when we introduce Nose to the fray. I went thru a yr of sometimes liking Huifang, sometimes liking Xiumei. I guess I kinda got distracted after Huifang's birthday.

I gave her a heart shaped music box, to which I din really get much reciprocation but a 'thank you'. Got kinda disheartened after that, and I was moved to sit beside Xiumei on the 2nd week of sch nonetheless, making me in proximity with her more. The yr went by, numerous ups and downs, n in the end the outcome was more or less clear to me. It would turn out to be Nose. Somehow, Sujing had managed to talk to Huifang and uncover who she really likes. I suspect he told Nose but he nv told me abt it. But somehow, Nose would pretend that he didn't know. This got me pissed. To be in the unknown. And during the dec holidays, they stopped contacting me. No more do they call me up to talk, or to go out. Now Longjia has joined the group, and it was no longer my gang.

Fine if it were to turn out this way. I would not lower my pride to just join in like what Sujing did. Join the victor. That was how he always behaved. Be part of the 'in' group. Hence that signalled the end of the frenship that we had built up for the yr. To fall out over a gal might not be the best way of ending a frenship, but it has made me see the heart of these pple whom I called 'friends'.


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