Monday, June 06, 2005

The Final Farewell

The final farewell came on the 31st of May. 2 days earlier than expected. And I have done it again, although with much help this time I suspect. Cleared my final sem. Weeks of worry came to an end finally, and I even had a B for my FYP. I really have Ah Seet to thank for this. The moment of truth was revealed on a sunny tue afternoon. The sight that greeted me got me momentarily stunned, b4 the relief and ectacsy set it. I have finally graduated. The immediate feeling was kinda indescribable. The closest I can get to describing it is that: At that moment, I feel like I can take on the world.

I've done it again for the final time, pulling it off again. The only smear on my record would be I failed M363 in yr 3. And of coz the fact that I only got a 3rd class honours. I remember my dream when I first stepped into NTU, that I would graduate with 2nd Upper honours. That dream soon faded into an expcectation of 2nd Lower honours at most, which further faded into a reality of 3rd class honours. I guess I only have myself to blame for that, cos I really din kinda slack off in my 3rd and 4th yr. Too much distractions.

Sometimes I wonder if Liz had ever read my blog, and she just kept quiet abt it. Act blur. Haha. Up till now, I'm still taking it easy regarding her. We're still going out, ard once a week at least. Just that my interest level seem to have taken a dip. That can be credited to the emergence of Vellene, but I've yet to meet her. Nothing's conclusive after I've actually seen her in person I guess. And maybe cos of Michelle too?? We been kinda close these few days. The other day, she came to CCK to meet me for a while b4 going down to orchard. We took a photo with my hp at Mac, and she had her head on my shoulder. At that moment, she felt so much like my gf. But she disappointed me the other nite. That's all I have to say. Her way of thinking, is really disappointing.

I had a rather heartfelt talk with Gillian the other nite. We seemed to be able to talk so much better now. It might be because I've changed, or maybe it's cos of the fact that I'm not after her, so there isn't a need to put on a front and I can be free to say whatever I'm feeling. She expressed that she is appreciative of my efforts when I was after her 3 yrs ago. Well, the tot did cross my mind, that if I had done the same things today, the outcome might be a different story. So might this set the stage for Andy-Gillian part 2? I'd be lying if I said I din tot of it, but then a tot remains a tot until it's set into action rite? For now, let sleeping lions lie.


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