Monday, June 13, 2005

A Page From 2002

My replacement pic. I tried my best ok...

A photo that brings back a lot of memories. That time was nearing the end of my attempt to go after her. She told me that it was kinda imposssible for us to be together but I was bent on trying to make it work. I still remember the kind of renewed vigor I had, upon deciding that I shall give whatever I have to try to make it work out. The kind of 'I shall overcome all obstacles' feeling.

I told her that we look very compatible in the pic. I said it not just as a passing remark, but cos I really do feel that we look very nice together in this pic.

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Anonymous said...

i got a shock when i saw that pic!! i tot i visited an old link.. then i realise it was in 2002.. dun think u started blogging then.. haha