Sunday, March 04, 2007

Resolutions Review

Have not blog since the CNY holidays. Well, 1 reason y I dun blog as often as I like to, is that MY IE on my hse desktop just refuse to load the Blogger website. I dunno for what fuck reason, but it simply hanged whenever I tried to log in to Blogger. So if I'm at home, I have to use Firefox to blog and I dun really like to use Firefox. Otherwise, I would have to leave it till I'm in the office and blog using the IE on my laptop. Not a really bright idea to reveal this, but..... fuck it lah. My mood's not good today.

It's 0422 after a long nite at Union. Firstly, just lemme recap sth unpleasant which happened last Sat at Union. 1 of my female fren was actually molested by this foreign Indian guy at Union. I was abt to leave Union for supper with Piggy and Candice when I saw my grp of frens gathered outside Union. They told me of a Indian wearing a long sleeve blue top who's into a bit of funny business inside Union. Zhiguang n I went back into Union to recce and we identified the fellow standing at the counter. He called Johnny, and boy, Johnny really got guts. Johnny and Zhiguang approached the guy and attempt to talk it out with him. I stood a distance behind, ready to sock the guy shd he attempt any funny moves. Sometimes, I prefer to let actions do the talking. The bugger sure was guai lan. Die also dun wan to admit. We wanted him to go out n apologise to the gal, he refused to budge n insisted he din do it. We got the manager at Union to talk to him and suggest we go behind to the bar to resolve it. He refused to budge n complained that we're racists. After some haggling, he threatened to call the police.

What the fuck is he thinking abt? Just a ploy to make us not pursue the matter. 1 guy alone in Union plus he do not know Salsa. Pretty clear what his intentions were if ya ask me. I din stayed ard to watch how the story unfolds, as Piggy n Candice were waiting for me. But later I learnt that the police actually came cos of some other biz, n he was shun bian taken away, to which he admitted that he did it. Some pple just deserved to be lauped.

Shucks... haven even talked abt my resolutions, but I lost the mood for blogging already. Till another then...

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audrey said...

anything and everything interesting happens only when i am not in sg.

Last time i went bali, got some salsa competition at MOS and donno what other rubbish.

Now when i go krabi, i missed the opportunity to see u standing by to sock people.