Thursday, March 08, 2007

Salsa Intermediate 1.5

This is actually the continuation of the previous entry Resolutions Review, but I choose to name it Salsa Intermediate 1.5. Why? Just because I like it. (Wahahaha) Decide to try to log a quick entry while waiting for the rush hour jam at my workplace to subside b4 I make my move, so that I can at least have a good comfortable snooze on the bus ride out.

Well... Salsa Intermediate 1.5. The last time I took this lesson was back in Apr 06. When my classmates were Lewis, Qixiao, Johnny, Jianping, Priscilla, Ellen, Renee, Ai Chin, etc The former generation I would call us. Except that I din really made it (Hence the refresher lessons. It feels more like NEW lessons for me than refresher). Well, my Salsa Inter 1.5 class on Sunday is turning out to be quite a fun bunch. They hang out together for Salsa apart from lessons. Not many dance class I've been in hangs out, (and trust me I've been in quite a few classes with diff grps of pple) and the babe factor is certainly a plus point. Keke.

So as far as New Yr Resolutions go, the only thing that I have succeeded is picking up Salsa again.


audrey said...

i think the babe factor really helped you to pick up salsa again more than u know.


good to hear that ur dancing again.

Cloud Strife said...

YES !!! I love babes !!! Slurrpp ~