Monday, February 19, 2007


I learned how to play Mahjong! Fri nite we went to Miss Tng's hse for Mahjong session. It's more like Mahjong lessons actually, cos Cedric and I are both beginners. So Serene and Christine taught us how to play. Cedric was more interested in Union and left after Derrick joined us. We played 1 rd of Mahjong and I think I only won twice. Paid sch fees of over 15 bucks. Anyway, I'm glad to finally learn how to play Mahjong. I think it's an activity which is worth mastering, sth that pple will gladly organise a gathering for. 1 more activity which I can do next time. =)

Today is the 2nd day of Chinese New Year. This yr's CNY came a bit too sudden for me. Prior to that, I was fretting over my upcoming ICT. Till the last min, I was still trying to defer. Din play for anything that is after the ICT period. ICT came n went n I was left with 1 week to CNY. Then I was left with my pile-up of work for the 2 weeks I was absent, and all the excess request from my China customers in anticipation of the 7 days CNY holidays in China. So much so that I did not even shop for CNY stuffs or help out with anything at home. I bought my CNY shirt on Fri nite itself b4 meeting them for Mahjong.

I think this yr's CNY represents a change in future CNY preparations onwards. Mum seemed to lost all zest in CNY preparations after Grandma passed away last Nov. CNY gathering at Grandma's place feels not-so-right when Grandma's not ard anymore. Nonetheless, everybody still made an effort to gather on that day, even though we are not officially celebrating CNY. We played blackjack with cousins the whole day.

Now I'm left with the decision to make as to what to do tonight. I can either go down to Union, see if anybody's there n if not look for an alternative place to hang out. Or I can just stay at home and see if Mum wants to catch a show later in the nite.

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