Sunday, November 26, 2006


I met Jasmine finally after knowing her online for 2 years.

We got aquainted during the time while I was under attachment for Hart Engineering, doing Bangala work at Harbor Front building the Caribbean. We used to exchange msgs on Friendster, and all the talk abt meeting up but ntg was realised in the end. Then the exchange sort of ended and it became just an occasional msg or sms now n then.

I was at Union last nite but it ended sort of early for the pple I knew. Everybody went back at ard 12 plus and it left me with ntg to do on a Sat nite. This is SIMPLY unacceptable! I tot of going down to Zouk to join Eugene but it was already 1 plus when I got there n I have no idea how long he was gonna stay there. So I just tried my luck n asked Jasmine whether she's hanging out anywhere that nite.

It so happened that she was at Dbl O and so I decide to pop by and say a belated Hi which finally came abt 2 yrs late.


Well, just to satisfy 1 curious little gal named Audrey...


The sms exchange went as such:

Me "U happen to be in Sg tonite?"
Jas "Yea. Dbl O"
Me "What time does the place close?"
Jas "4am"
Me "Do you think it's convenient for me to pop by and say hi?"
Jas "Up to u. Hee.."
Me "Alrite, I'll reach in a while"

The tot that she might be there with 1 big grp of frens and my appearance there would be so awkward out of place did flash across my mind for a min. But the counter argument that I'll have to go home shd I decide not to join her pushed it out of my mind. Anyway, I was in my PR mood that nite, the feeling that I can take on the world regardless of what it threw at me. So what's the big deal with meeting a few new pple and doing some PR-ing? (Just for info, I dun like PR-ing for the most part) Anyway, it's retro nite at Dbl O. Keke.

I reached there at ard 245am, pretty not worth it to enter a club at this kinda time. But then again, it's like: fuck it lah, just go in. It isn't easy trying to spot someone whom u have nv met b4 at a club. (It's already hard even if u're trying to spot someone u KNOW, duh)

Me "I'm in Dbl O already. Where will u be?"
Jas "I'm near the dance floor in front of the bar counter"

After several rounds in n out of the dancefloor, I still can't find the elusive Jasmine. Impossible! The dancefloor seems hardly big enough to conceal a babe like Jasmine. Seems my chiobu radar is malfunctioning. Rather than running ard like a headless chicken, looking for a gal I've nv met b4, I decided on the next best course of action. Which is...

Me "Eh... it's kinda hard to find u considering that we've nv met b4. What ya wearing? I'm in a black polo top"
Jas "I'm on the center platform. Wearing a denim dress"

Ok, the direction seems clear enough. So off I go to hunt for a denim skirt. The gals must think I'm pyscho, kept peering at them legs. The few denim skirt gals all doesn't seem to fit the bill, and the platform isn't really that damn a big place to hide. Perplexed.... n I read the sms again. Denim DRESS. Fuck. Bobo me.

So finally we met. The guy in the black polo and the gal in denim skirt. She's actually there with only 1 other gal fren, which makes things a lot more relaxed for me. Though I can see a lot of guys has been hitting on them already. We stayed at the dancefloor for a while more, and then moved back to the table to rest a bit. My old bones aren't like what they used to be in my 20s. Haha. Gotta grease them properly shd I not wana hear creaking sounds the next day.

A guy with a sizeable belly and a balding pate appeared at the table and started chatting them up. I just kept a distance and dance my stuff while they chat and b4 long it's bedtime for Jas. I offered to fetch her home but she declined. So off I went n..... that's that?

The above account have been juicified to pacify little Audrey's sense of curiousity. Just for the records, she's attached. So dun think too much here ya?


audrey said...

And...??? is simply unacceptable that you just end the story here okay?

So what happened after u met her??!

audrey said...

Little Audrey?


Next time we rueda, you'll find out that i am NOT little.


But thanks for filling up the details. :)