Monday, November 13, 2006

Biggest Rueda Circle!

This post is going to be a bit outdated but nonetheless, I feel that it's sth significant to blog abt. The Biggest Rueda Circle in the world! The Singapore International Salsa Festival was held at Pasir Ris in mid-Oct and the 1 occasion which I'm really interested in is the attempt to break the Biggest Rueda Circle record in the Guiness Book of Records.

The previous record stands at 173 couples with 5 different commands, established in Miami at dunno when. But when we were all gathered in the temporary tent at Pasir Ris, there were only abt 140+ couples ready. Initially, the list of Rueda commands was a long list comprising of almost the whole of Rueda1 and Rueda2 commands. But due to the apparent lack of participants (too many pple dunno too many of the commands), the list was greatly reduced to abt the commands taught in the 1st 2 lessons of Rueda1.

Well, this is for the Guiness Book of Records right? So there has to be some officials ard to document it ain't it? Yeah right, here comes the interesting part. There was this creature sitting atop the stage, dressed in a shiny blue mid-riff baring top, with matching pants. Tot she looked like a clown from a circus. Later was I to know that she is actually the infamous Edie the Salsa Freak. (Argh... what's with the clownish attire?) She was actually at Miami when the last record was set. Next there was this little balding man standing on the stage as well, who was announced to be 1 of the officials representing Guiness Book of Records. I tot he looked more like 1 of the ah peh drinking Guiness stout at kopitiams, rather than from Guiness Book of Records. It does make it all looks a bit not-so-official. Keke.

There were apparently some restrictions in trying to break the record. The Rueda Circle must not be broken, n if it did, we r only given 2 chances to attempt to break it. After what seemed like a good hour of networking, (pple were attempting last min calls to gather enough pple to break the record) and gals changing roles to become guys, we finally gotten enough couples. Total of 176 couples, executing 10 different Rueda moves in 3min 44 sec.

Hooray! We broke the record. =)

But couple of days later, I chanced upon the 2006 Guiness Book of Records at Kinokuniya. Under the category of Mass Participation, I couldn't find a Biggest Rueda Circle recorded. =(

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