Monday, November 13, 2006

Double O Mania Again

I got a last min call to go down to Dbl O last Fri nite, together with Club 58 pple. Just as well, since nowadays, I always find myself wondering where I can go towards the ending hours of work on Fridays. The plan was initially Union Square (again!), but guessed everyone wanted to prevent an overdose as we'll prob be there again on Sat nite.

Alright. Clubbing. The main nite activity on weekend nites before Salsa came into the picture. After that, it was all Salsa Salsa Salsa... I feel shd have an equal balance with both. Prob can organise a clubbing outing on every alternate week, coupled with a KTV outing on every other week. That would sound like a good mix of Salsa, Clubbing, KTV, along with any other activity there might be.

We had quite a good turn-out, Jermaine, Lorraine, Serene, Karen, Christine, Josephine, Evelyn, Cedric, both Jeremys, Lawrence, Ryan, Jerry, etc. And it was only when I was there n they announced it's a drink-till-u-drop nite. Shucks... n I was driving. Well, my last resort is to engage a driver shd I really drop. Haha. But it turn out that the ladies are the ones to drop. N pretty fast at that. I think the killer was the 8 lambos that i ordered. Cedric had 1, I had 1, Serene had 1, Jermaine n Josephine shared 1, Christine n Evelyn shared 1, Lorraine n Karen shared 1, Serene n I shared another 1, n dunno who had the last 1.

Salsa babes at Double O. Lorraine & Karen

I'm a happy man. =)

I think my liquor level has improved quite a bit from my clubbing days in the past. I used to need to make a conscious effort in order to keep myself sober, and in control of things while clubbing. The only time which I actually zonked out was when I was at China Black with Eugene and Weian. Dunno what happened but I ended up puking outside; This marked the 1st time I ever puked while clubbing. But nowadays, I simply just let go and drink. And so far not once have I been so far gone that I can't be in control.

There was a table of young kiddos beside our table, and they were having a birthday celebration for a hot gal of 18 yrs old. Moments later, I saw her being carried out of the toilet with a fren on each side. Who's to know that's to happen to our grp as well, as Karen zonked out soon after that. She took a pretty long time in the washroom, but eventually we managed to move her to someone's car to be ferried to Club 58 for her to sober up b4 she goes home.

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