Sunday, December 31, 2006

Festive Season

It's that time of the yr again, the time when strange things happen. That's what we concluded during JC days, when pple started falling in love in conjunction with the approach of Christmas. I dun subscribe to that theory no more, as the so-called strange things seem to happen every now and then nowadays. The thing abt Christmas is that most guys tend to "chu pattern" during this time of the yr, as it seems like a appropriate time to let the lady in question know. Even if you think you're not quite there yet in your progress, sometimes you just get caught up in the moment as the time just feels so right, you feel the spirit of love in the air and think that it might apply to you too. You'll probably end up banging the wall. Oh man.... I'm probably describing myself...

Let's have a rewind session, counting back to 1995 of how I spent my Christmas and New Yr day / eves.

1995 Christmas Eve
The most loser date in history. Organise grp outing with Hanxi, Beng Leong, Liting, Huifang and Guat Yee for a movie. (Beng Leong and Guat Yee are but decoys of coz) End up the gals pull a fast one on us and disappear for the majority of the time claiming they went "shopping".

1995 New Yr Eve
No recollection.

1996 Christmas Eve
No recollection.

1996 New Yr Eve
No recollection.

1997 Christmas Eve
97S16 class outing. The place: Clarke Quay. The gal: Sandy. Not a particularly happy nite as things just turned awkward between Sandy and me after I told her I like her. Spent the nite at Candice's place.

1997 New Yr Eve
97S16 class outing. Countdown at Suntec City fountain. We survived 1 gang fight.

1998 Christmas Eve
No recollection.

1998 New Yr Eve
No recollection.

1999 Christmas Eve
97S16 class gathering at James' place. I'm with Huimin that time but still joined the class outing though. I knew she wasn't particularly happy but then I tot I could pop by her place anytime since she stays at Sig Park that time as well.

1999 New Yr Eve
97S16 class outing. The Millenium countdown. This has got to be the most incredulous countdown party that I ever seen. The whole of Orchard Road is canned. Was supposed to be out with the class, but Huimin joined me halfway thru. I rem I was so glad I finally found her amidst the crowd at the road at Heeran as all comms were down.

2000 Christmas Eve
97S16 class gathering at James' place again. The end of our relationship is near. I can feel it.

2000 New Yr Eve
Countdown party at Sentosa with 97S16 class. 1st ever foam party!

2001 Christmas Eve
Brothers gathering at Eugene's place with Lewis in Woodlands which was still not occupied at that time.

2001 New Yr Eve
Countdown party at Sentosa with Lewis' frens.

2002 Christmas Eve
No recollection.

2002 New Yr Eve
Countdown party at Newsroom Bar with Malcolm and Casren and some other frens.

2003 Christmas Eve
Spent at home. Just broke up with Huimin. Self punishment.

2003 New Yr Eve
Countdown party at what used to be DXO with 97S16 class pple.

2004 Christmas Eve
No recollection.

2004 New Yr Eve
No recollection.

2005 Christmas Eve
No recollection.

2005 New Yr Eve
No recollection.

2006 Christmas Eve
Salsa frens gathering at Karen's place.

2006 New Yr Eve
What will it be?

That's a full 10 years recap. It's funny that it's the recent yrs outings that I've actually forgotten. Since dunno which pt in time, all these counting downs started not to mean anything to me anymore. I think it was after 2003.


2006 Christmas Eve. This was where I was. Karen's hse. =)

Wonder y this pic look so blur. Tot's it's supposed to be taken with digi cam? Actually I also have no idea how I end up there. Just days prior to the actual day, I was talking to Lorraine at Union and casually brought up the qn of what her plans will be on Xmas eve. She told me abt the gathering at Karen's place and thus I got invited as well.

2006 New Yr Eve. This is where I was. Union Square. =)

A photo of a beast, a lala-owner and a hunk. We were all in white in support of Johnny and Karen who's taking part in the salsa competition that nite. I'm still waiting for my photos with Lorrraine, Jermaine n Miss Tng. (Lorraine! When u gonna send to me!) Was just hanging ard the sofa area while the rest were busy taking photos after the salsa comp, when from nowhere someone shouted "Hey, take photo leh! Help me take 1 with Andy!" OK, so I started happily taking photos with the babes when someone else sound out "You also nv take part in competition, how come also take so many photos!" Oops.... wahahaha...

Speaking of photos.... I'm still hoping someone will send me the photo of me and my 2 piggies taken some other nite ago...


dawnut said...

good that you can remember most of the 10yrs though... haha i think i can only remember errr 2006? hee~ cya in union soon ; )

Cloud Strife said...

Eh.... just call me mega-memory man!!! Wahahaha...

audrey said...

its ok man...counting down is meaningless anyway.

It's really the company that matters.


Hope you had a good one for 06 though.