Friday, November 17, 2006

Funny Aircraft Business

Yest morning while I was on the cab to work, the typical cabbie was babbling happily away while I sat in the backseat, trying to appear I'm listening but my mind was actually maybe miles away thinking of some pretty gals, when he suddenly mentioned sth abt USA President and road closure.

I gathered whatever attention I can in that moment, and took in the cabbie's babbling which is : George Bush had landed in Singapore and that Air Force One is currently parked at Paya Lebar Airbase. Read from 1 of the Dan Brown novel that Air Force One is actually 1 humongous fuck of a plane, in an attempt to intimidate any visitors who r "invited" to tea on board Air Force One. Dunno how true it that.

Anyway, kinda intersting to know that George Bush's plane is currently parked opposite my workplace.

Sth funny which has occured a few times lately. There is this taxi-way linking Paya Lebar Airbase to my workplace, for those planes which are to be serviced to drive over into the hangars. the taxi-way cuts across the road and so there's a huge gate which will open up and stop the traffic on the road. Last week, I've received 2 phonecalls while at my work desk, to open the gate cos the planes are coming across. Duh....... ask me to open the gate??? Maybe next time I should ask them what's the actual number to call. Just for curiousity's sake.

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