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NTU Love Story Year 1 Sem 1

When I look back upon my uni days, 1 thing that would always go down as a regret will be that I did not get a gf on campus thru my 4 years there. Maybe you might say Min is 1, but that was like a brief 1 sem where we were still not officially together. More like rendezvous. Haha. This entry is dedicated to my encounters with the female species during my 'eventful' 4 yrs in NTU.

I had not expect to meet many babes being in engineering fac. Had not even bothered to go for orientation camps, as I was too pre-occupied with Weiling and Val during that period prior to sch starting. I din not even feel like socialising much at that moment, still have too much hate in me. There is a class meeting on the 1st day of sch. The only gal that caught my eye in class was Yingying. And of coz Amelia as she became our class rep. The 2 of them happened to be the 2 most presentable gals in a class of 7 gals, inclusive of 2 butches. Marina is a babe as well, but she's a malay, so I shall put her out of the equation.

Some minor interuptions took place during the 1st few weeks of my Uni life, which made me paid lesser attention to the gals in sch. On my first Uni bash of NTU, I met Adeline. It was my birthday that nite. She was crush at first sight, I would say. I had not met anyone quite as beautiful before. It would seemed like a birthday wish come true if I could have her as a gf. The fiasco lasted a grant total of 2 weeks. I was with Eugene n Lewis at SOS the nite we met her. N I knew Eugene to be interested as well. Though he did not tell, I could sense that sth was going on. It was a really freaky experience.

I remember 1 particular incident. I had asked Lewis n Eugene to go catch a movie together but Eugene said he couldn't make it. I sense sth wrong. I purposely asked Lewis abt it to which he gave some excuse abt a army fren outing for Eugene. I sense sth even more wrong. I decided to give Adeline a call, to see if I would catch them unaware. She lied her way thru. But somehow I knew they were out together. I verified that 1 yr down the road. Lewis and Eugene both knew but kept it from me. In fact I was glad they did that, cos I might have gone bonkers had they let me knew it at that time. Not that I'm blaming anyone for it, just that for that moment I might not have taken it well n end up putting a scar on our frenship.

I did not know all that at that time, but I could sense Adeline's dis-interest as well. I went down to Westmall where she's working at Guardian Pharmacy to meet her a couple of times. The 1st time was quite ok, she agreed to go for a drink after her work. Subsequent times the response gotten more n more lukewarm. Despite the obvious hints, I still went on to tell her that I like her, which of coz was met with a rejection. My agression lessen after that, n it ends when I saw her by chance, together with a ah-beng-like creature whom she confirmed is her new bf.

Who would have guess Weiling would come popping back into my life at this period. We had ended on a very bad note previously, but in view of her imminent O levels, she was asking me to help her with her sch work. I can't reject, since she made a open request abt it. It would be too ungentlemanly to refuse her. Though this time I kept my distance, tried not to be too enthu abt her as I dun wan to end up playing a fool again. But that was how it ended up in the end still. A fool.

We met up to study a couple of times at nite after sch, either at Lot 1 or Holland V. I nv questioned her abt her status all the while, as I dun wan to know what's happening in her life.
I guess she was feeling vulnerable as well during that time, n we ended up liking each other for a very brief moment. For her, I've done quite some stupid things that probably ended up not appreciated. I wrote her a 500 word easy to tell her y i like her, in response to the most frequently asked qn for gals - "Why do you like me? " I jokingly asked if I shd write her an essay on that, when she kept asking me the qn. She jokingly agreed, but the eassy became real. I bought her a bouquet of flowers, a mango cake n 2 love deivls that she so liked that time, during her birthday and went to look for her beneath her block. I could tell she was touched, but I guess the feeling did not last long. She was back to her usual 'put aeroplanbe self' after a few days time. It ended when I finally realised she was just going thru a bad patch with her on and off bf at that time. Fooled again. This would not be the 1st time that a gal named Weiling fooled me with a guy named Eric. It would happen again years later, can't believe the freakiness of it.

Finally, end of my 'extra-marital' affairs outside NTU. Haha. All my distractions outside sch was over with, n my focus return to NTU naturally. Return to the gals that I hanged out with in sch.
Yingying is a very nice gal. We used to go home together after lessons as we were the only 2 person in our clique that stays off campus. My 1st sem clique revolves ard these 2 gals, plus some other guys Ronggui, Zhenyang, Mark mainly. We were together for the most of my 1st yr, until we streamed to MPE and EEE. Nothing special ever happened between us b4, though many mistook us to be a couple. She's just a very easy person to get along with, and partly cos I think I subconsciously prevent myself from stepping over the line as she has a bf all the while. I dun go for attached gals, that was my principle back then.

Once she told me sth her bf did during their courtship that made her feel touched. The guy called her to see how she's doing when she did not attend sch cos she was sick. A very simple gesture, but it means a lot to her. Then she actually did the same for me, when I was sick and did not go to sch during 1 of the EID days. She knew abt it thru Zhenyang n co. as she happened to bump into them in sch. That time we had already streamed to MPE and EEE. But the same nite, she called me n asked how I was doing. It made me feel so guilty as I wasn't really sick. I just told that to my EID grp as I was out clubbing the previous nite and simply too tired to go to sch the next day. We just talked briefly, as that time I had already lost the technique of phone conversations, all thanks to the wonders of modern technology which allows pple to chat online.

She was 1 of the fewer gals that I called or called me on a frequent basis. Sometimes during exam times, she would call just to complain abt being stressed. Though we sometimes joked abt being together, it was more of a pal-ly pal-ly feeling between us mostly.

Amelia wasn't really my cup of tea back then. She was a bit too angmoh for my liking at that time. A kandang as one would say. Well, time changes pple and now I no longer have preferences over kandangs n non-kandangs, (just not too extreme cases) but now we r more pals than anything. For the most part of our uni days, she also was attached, though now single n available. (heh heh... =P)

Din have much chance to know gals outside of class, except for lab lessons where we ususally combined with adjacent classes. That was where I noticed Shiyi. She is this cute petite gal with braces, more adorable than anything. Our initial pt of contacts were simply "Hi-s" and smiles whenever we passed by each other. I waited till the last day of papers, where I felt I simply got to do sth b4 the impending holidays when I wouldn't get to see her for 2 mths. She was always sitting a few seats away from me in the exam halls so i timed my exit at the end of the paper so as to catch her outside the hall. Can't remember exactly what I said to her when I met her outside. I think it was some shit like it's a tough paper or some crap. Then I just blurted out if I could have her number. She seem shocked but surprisingly, she just gave it to me. Hence I accomplished my mission on the last day of sch and was going to have a holiday where I could look forward to try to ask her out. Or so I tot....

At the start, her responses were cold. No replies, or single worded replies whenever I sms her. I could more or less sense her dis-interest, but I'm not gonna let up so easily. Till she put it blatantly that she has a bf, then did I let up. So after that I just took her to be a normal fren, as my principle still stands that time, and even if I wanted to try, I dun think it would get me anywhere except to bang wall. That was the end of her story. Or so I tot at that time....

The part 2 din come until next sem, during which in the Dec holidays I got to know a gal. She would go on to impact my life in a way no other gal has did since Min, for the next few yrs to come. Gillian.

Some history lesson. Thru Xinyi, whom we met at SOS on that fateful when we met Adeline, I got introduced to her other chio good fren. Gillian. After chatting online for a few mths, we agreed to meet up. It was a pretty uneventful first date, I was like a block of stone. I lost all my mojo at that time. No dating skills whatsoever. I guess that was what did me in eventually. But I did manage to hold on for a pretty long time. Nv since Sandy have I like someone for so long. We met during the Dec holidays, and the courtship took off in the next sem.

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