Monday, January 16, 2006

NTU Love Story Year 1 Sem 2

I found renewed vigor during sem 2 of my 1st yr. Primary reason being: I now have a target. I started seeing Gillian, though not on a very regular basis. Sth like once every 2 weeks, or sometimes even in a month. Though I did not actually progress very far, I did start to get on the nerves of another suitor - Bamboo.

I remembered during on our 1st date, after the day's event n I was seeing her home, Bamboo made an unexpected appearance below her block. The conversation went like this:

Gillian : Hey, y r u here?
Bamboo: Cos I miss you mah.
Gillian: Blah blah blah
Bamboo: Blah blah blah
Bamboo (to me) : Thanks for sending her back.
Me (to myself) : Who the fuck r u to thank me for sending her back???

It gets worse as the sem goes along. There was once when we went out to watch "My Sassy Girl". The whole date was plagued by phonecalls from Bamboo, asking where she was, whether she can meet him cos he's feeling very dejected, etc. It gotten so bad that we gotta consider whether we shd buy an additional ticket just to have him here so that he can see Gillian n put his mind at ease. Weirdo !!! Not to forget the UK Funfair incident. He turned up unexpectedly, when I was supposed to be going with only Gillian and Xinyi. It was hard enough for me to make conversation that time, n his presence made it even worse.

When I went over to NUS to meet Gillian to study, he would purposely make himself in the vicinity, seat at nearvy tables, go for meals together, just wanting to be somewhere ard. Strange that I wasn't really bothered by him back then. Maybe I just felt that he wasn't much of a threat. But now as I blog, the tot of his actions made is making my blood boil! Just where in the world do u find such a loser??? Eventually, they fell out due to some dubious rumours that he supposedly started circulating.

Well, Part 2 of the Shiyi saga happened ard this time. Out of nowhere she suddenly asked if I wana study together for the coming exams. Later I found that she had just broken up with her bf as he had another gal. So we did studied together at her hall study room for a couple of times, and heading into the holidays, it seemed that I would have trouble on my hand.

But trouble it seemed, wanted no part of me. I did make it clear that Gillian was the gal I like, though I still go out with Shiyi more for companion purposes, as she has spent 4 lifeless yrs with her ex-bf n wasn't really close to many of her frens at that time. My dates with Gillian hit an all-time high during the holz. We went to Sentosa for the Sandsation exhibition, we went out for movies frequently, and it seemed as my birthday became imminent, I wanted to make it THE DAY - the day to pop the qn.

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