Saturday, November 12, 2005

Demise Of The Quails

Well, my surviving quail died as well. Without me ard again. This one is actually a grand old age of 5 yrs old. I guess what they say is true. When an animal loses its partner of long, it usually loses its will to carry on living as well. It started making soft squeaking sounds of late, as opposed to how it used to scream like a rooster. And finally 1 day I came home to hear from Mum that it has died. Now the spot in the kitchen looks kinda weird, without its cage which has been there for 5 yrs.

I spent this week in a zombie-like state, especially every morning on my long train rides to work. Guess its the after effects of last week, where we had a holiday every alternate day of the week. Mon, Wed and Fri nites all seemed like a good nite for clubbing. Mon was Hallowean; lotsa Hallowean parties everywhere. Then Wed was a good time to crash Mambo at Zouk. Fri is just as good as any other Fri for a nite of wild clubbing. End up only went Devil's Bar on Fri nite with Eugene and Qixiao. Lewis joined us a while later with a grp of his RV frens. Cuixia joined us even later in the nite. Somehow, seeing her always make me happy. The ever cute and cheerful little gal. She happened to know Tricia as well.

Talking abt clubbing.... We were actually refused entry at Thumper the week b4. Eugene, Kim Wen and I were in the queue when the door bitch decide to check our IC and declared us as "underaged". Wtf. 28 yr old for guys. Seriously, this is shit man. Most prob she just decide to refuse us cos we looked like we're not going to be spending a lot of money in there. When was the last time that I've been refused at a club?? Only once ever at Chinablack, when their age limit was still 22, and I'm 21 at that time. Anyway, Kim Wen said he'll set up Humper just beside Thumper. That got me thinking of our Tonite club with Eugene and Lewis. The club we said we'll set up when we're making big bucks next time. It still seem like a possible venture. I wun give up the dream. Haha.

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雪儿 said...

Hop Hop Hop... Boy, your underaged! and I just barely make it through their age requirement the other time too! Thumper is a sea of Ang Mohs! Free for life entry for Michelle only when you open Humper okie! =P