Saturday, November 19, 2005

Pics From Shanghai

Finally resolved my pathetic hp cam's MMS settings. Been having trouble sending the pics I took to my email when I finally realised y. My MMS settings change to Starhub settings when I tried using my Starhub line to send MMS with that hp. So I gotta call up M1 service line to request for the M1 settings again. So now..... all the gorgeous pics I've been holding back for so long can finally be revealed ! Heh... as if a VGA hp cam can take what kinda gorgeous pics.

Let's start with my 1st China trip...

Alrite, I know you all r gonna say it's spastic to take pic of my hotel room. But come on, this being my 1st official businees trip. Kinda memorable ya? So trying to bring back bits n pieces of memories any way I can. Ok... eh.. so as any idiot can tell, this is my bed.

This is my bed again, in a slightly ruffled state. And NO, it's not cos I've had a nookie with some china chick. But in any case, notice the glass pane beside the bed?
U can actually see the silhouette of what's in the bathroom thru it. I can imagine a scene where I'm on the bed admiring the curves of whichever lady's in the shower, awaiting her to finish and then we proceed to ......... play chess and then read a magazine together.

Eh... next is my workdesk in the hotel room which I'm ashamed to say that I did not utilise at all. I haven got my lappie yet then. (Well, the lappie refused to work on my 2nd trip even though I tried to use it)

This, is the seat of sin. I would sit on this couch by the window at nite b4 turning in, smoking my china cig, having a drink of eh... pepsi (Shucks, it's in the pic. otherwise I would've said wine) and enjoying the scenery. What scenery u say? Well.. this:

Ok ok, I know this isn't exactly world class scenery (or photography for that matter), but it does offer a nice view over that part of Shanghai. (Staying on the 23rd floor helps) Anyway, I've always loved overlooking vast expanse of areas, especially city areas.

Ok, some gimmicks from Shanghai. This is their famous Zhong Hua cigs. It actually cost much much more than Malboro in Singapore. More than 2 times the price, when I saw it at the duty free zone. Another thing; they dun seem to have menthol cigs in China. Forced to smoke their lights, which was quite apalling at first until I got used to it.

Next, these seemingly innocent looking business cards actually hide some hideous secret. They are disguised as business cards for airlines, but in reality its for call gals. And how do I know that? (I din call, u idiot) My colleague who has the honour of several extended stays in Shanghai let me in on that trick. These cards are distributed by little kids on the streets. By little kids, I mean pre-pubescent teens, who will attempt by all ways and means to maneuver the cards into ur hands. I once walk thru a bunch of them, only to realise they even manage to slip them into my pants pockets and bag and everywhere.

And lastly, 2 pics I took on my 2nd trip there. Saw this little garden with a wooden water wheel and bamboo growing by the sides. Its actually at the ground floor lobby of the sleazy hotel I'm staying at, and it looked rather nice. So just tot i'll snap some pics of it.

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hf said...

not bad leh, the accomo. doesn't look that ulu.. but i guess looks can be deceiving sometimes.