Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Of Purple And Cyan Shirts

Today morning, I left house in a rather cheery mood cos I'm wearing my new purple shirt (yeah, I do feel happy when wearing new clothes) that I bought from G2000. But I realised a horrific truth when I reached the interchange.

My attire is exactly the same as the Tibs bus drivers ! Purple long sleeve shirt with black pants ! Even the tone of the purple colour is exactly the same. Damn. I quickly move thru the interchange at my fastest walking pace, taking care not to walk too close to any of the bus drivers, so as not to blend in. This is just so niao. And come to think of it, my other new shirt kinda resembles the SBS bus driver uniform... cyan... ARgghhhhhhhh !

On another note, my quail died while I was away in Shanghai. Y do they always seem to die when I'm not ard? My other quail died while I was in Thailand yrs ago. Just as well I guess, save me any form of sadness had I have to take care of the disposing after its gone. Just for the record, it did not have a burial and the eggs were thrown away cos we dun dare to eat them.

My last Shanghai trip was......impromptu. Tue morning n boss ask me to catch the evening flight there. There was a slight scare at the airport when I checked in already and they called to tell me they haven gotten me a room. I contemplate bunking in with my storekeeper at the warehouse had I really gone roomless but luckily they found me a cheapskate hotel in the end.
The facilities are not too good to put it in a nice way.... I got a bedside lamp that doesn't work and a leaky tap. 1 good thing is a got a fantastic view of the........ AIRPORT! Haha. Just out the window is the parking place for their domestic flights. Oh ya, and I get to walk to work since our warehouse is just a few steps away. The weather feels just rite at first, the streets feel like its air-conditioned. Till the last day when I'm shivering when I'm in the open.


雪儿 said...

SBS Ah beng!!

turbZ said...

wat route u driving? can i skip the scanning part?? cheapskate la bo pian