Friday, November 18, 2005

Coffee, Tea Or Ghost?

Back in my seat, fresh and wide awake after a steaming cup of mocha. Well not exactly fresh, but better than how I've been feeling all morning at least. 1 late nite with Date With Vampire 2 left me in this state, not much better off than a vampire in need of blood. Anyway, yesterday I tried something that I've nv done b4 in my 25 years of existence....

I drank coffee !!!

Of coz not the iced mochas or cappuccino or fuckuccino from Coffee Bean or Starbucks. I mean a normal hot cup of coffee. (Ok, it came out from a vending machine, but so what?) That was my 1st cup of coffee in 25 years. (Lizzy must be reaching her millionth or billionth cup by now. Major coffee freak she is) Heh... so sua ku hor? Nv drink coffee b4.

Remember when I was young, (I mean really toddler kind of young.... ok, maybe ard 5-6 yrs old) Mum used to like to drink coffee. So just for the sake of going against her and being irritating, Zai and me would pretend that coffee is the most disgusting and foul-smelling beverage in the world. (She was always chiding us for drinking coke too, ya see?) Anyway, my resentment for coffee is not without reason. The 1st time Mum asks us to have a taste, well..... it tastes bitter. The only taste that a 5-6 yr old kid likes is sweet. (Or is it just me? I know I've got a sweet tooth) So my first taste of coffee brought a grimace to my face. Next, Ronald MacDonald, Hamburglar and Birdy turned up too. Alrite, that was corny.

Anyway, just to digress a bit... speaking of Grimace... April used to say I reminded her of Grimace. (Or Winnie The Pooh on other days) And I would tell her she's Birdy and Lewis is HamBurglar then. Been some time since I saw her, just wonderning how she is doing. She somehow reminds me of a ball. Ok, this is not suppose to sound mean. She is just so... round, bubbly and bouncy. Sth like the wink in msn of the bouncing smiley face. Full of sunshine.
Ok, enough abt Grimace and bouncing balls... get on with the story.

Now.... what story? Yeah rite, The Mystery Of The Coffee Phobia. 1st Investigator - Jupiter "Andy" Jones, 2nd Investigator Pete "Lewis" Crenshaw, Records & Research - Bob "Eugene" Andrews. Heh... I'm so crappy, tot this up on the spot, but their physical description does match us quite accurately. Oh well, so after that I've repulsed coffee all my life. Until that fateful day yesterday....

Anyway, I had another cup today. I hope I dun get addicted to coffee. How uncool, man ! Hahaha... Well, the reason y I took coffee again today.... cos I'm really feeling like shit. Attempted to doze a while in front of my monitor, when it happened..... I attained nirvana and mastered the ability to achieve mental orgasms. Alrite, as most of you can probably tell by now, the previous sentence is crap again. So what really happened is that... I lapsed into sleep paralysis.

For 1st timers to this phrase, let me try to describe this sympton to the best of my ability: It is a state when you are sleeping (or rather, not sleeping but trying to) and u suddenly realised that u r not able to move, or to even open ur eyes or make noise. Basically, as the name implies - paralysis. Then there is this horrible sensation of sinking; sinking into where? God knows. Sth like sinking into limbo. If there really is limbo, I would think that is how it feels. Stuck in a dimensionless world. It would take tremendous energy (or is it will?) to make myself move an ounce and break out of it. I've been proned to these lapses for many yrs, the 1st time was when I was still in sec sch. Dun ask me what causes it, I have no clue at all, though I suspect its due to an unusually high sex drive... Nah, it usually happens when the mind is tired and the body refuse to sleep.

Anyway, my 1st encounter with it was ...... terrifying. When I finally broke out of it, the feeling of tiredness was like a wave that swept over me. Prompting me to close my eyes immediately, and drop into the abyss all over again. I gotta force myself to sit up and shake the sleep out of my head b4 carefully treading on the path of sleep again. For some time, I tot this was what they called being "pressed" by ghost, or sth supernatural. 1 time when I was suffering a lapse again, I was determined to find out who or what is causing me all this discomfort. I forced my eyelids open as wide as possibly, (those 2 seemingly thin pieces of membrane felt like it weigh a ton) n tried to catch sight of whatever ghost that might be pressing on me. It was that I tot I saw it! There was a black silhouette upon my chest, looking like a man/woman's head covered in a hood. (some jungle Ku Klax Klan shit)

Then i tot, "This is it! I'm so gonna give it to u when I break out of this. Just u wait and see!" So I did break out of it and regain control, only to discover what's on my chest was ntg but my pillow. The corner of it seemingly to look like a man's head covered under a hood. Oh well, that's spells the end of the supernatural links I had with sleep paralysis. Anyway, it was far from spooky everytime it happens. Just damn fucking irritating. Can't a man get some good sleep when he most needed it?