Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Its been a while, stupid blog.

I'm currently still in my office, 1st time that I'm staying so late actually since the 1 mth plus I've worked. While waiting for Kelvin to send me my data, I might as well steal some time to blog. (Actually I'm just waiting 8pm, then can claim cab fare home)

My past 2 weekends been pretty monotone. Sat and Sun were spent at home, with Fri nites trying my best to have some fun which always fail. Same can be said for this weekend. But luckily I managed to find a shop selling sth that I've been looking for for quite sometime. They really tight with the regulations nowadays. I sourced Toa Payoh, Clementi, Queensway, Jurong East and all the other regular big town centrals n din manage to find a single one of them. So having found this one, I snapped up 6 of them at 1 go. Who knows how long this one is going to last b4 someone baoto.

I gotta keep any eye on my expenditure. I just settle my insurance plan, which also goes to say I'm now 200 bucks poorer every mth. CPF loan return is gonna set in next mth, which means an additional cut of few hundred bucks. Along with more and more cab fares. Speaking of cabs......


I was so fucking pissed that day with waiting for cab. I tot it was just cos of Eunos but the same damn thing happened while I was at Queensway also. The roads at Eunos are so damn fucking big, but yet there's so many goddamn cars but incidentally, pathetically few of them turn out to be cabs. I spent an awful half an hr waiting for cab at non-peak hrs, until I got so pissed that I took the bus to Toa Payoh instead. Then the jam got so bad that it took me 45 min to get to Toa Payoh interchange. I tot that was the worst it could be, till I ventured to Queensway on the same nite. This time it took me fucking 1 whole hr to wait for a damn cab. And it was till I got so dulan that I actually called for a cab, that 1 little Trans Island cab came ambling along. (Note: it was not the cab that I called for) At this pt which I dun give a damn to any morals anymore n just board that cab home. Somebody's gotta get played but I wun let it be me no more. Had enough for the nite.

No squash session in the near future. Sigh. And I just bought my racquet like yesterday somemore. =( And she's torturing me with Taiwan guys again. Argh! Must it always be the Taiwan guys?

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