Sunday, October 09, 2005

The Arrow Man

The end of 3 seemingly endless weeks. Yest was the day of Kaizen presentation. I din quite manage to put up a show as what I envisioned that I'd do. Partly due to the bored expression I saw on the senior management guy's face. So I just chop chop get it over and done with. Ok, down with 1 arrow and another coming up. The arrow caught me rite in the chest - organise company DnD for Dec. Argh! How come Melvin doesn't seem to get any of these extra arrows?
Good exposure, as they said. True in a sense. I'll just have to slurp up all these experiences as though they r choc syrup.

Vellene flew for Hong Kong yest morning. (Not Taiwan. heh heh...) She called me early in the morning while I was caught amid the human jam in the train on my way to work. She's bored at the airport, having mistaken her 8am flight for 8pm flight. How funny. I'm a bit surprised she called, prob cos I'm the only person who's likely to be up at that hr. Haha. We talked on the phone the nite b4 she left also, for a while.


hf said...

organising dnd sounds fun wat... :D

Anonymous said...

huh.. who u asking out as ur dnd partner ya??