Sunday, March 06, 2005

Fly Aeroplane Fly ~

It seems like i only blog whenever i feel surging emotions. Blogging was the furthest thing from my mind the previous few weeks, maybe cos life's been rather monotone. I spent at least half the sem break slacking away, occasionally doing my fyp n spending a miserable day trying to catch up with my work in nus with eugene n yvonne. But horror awaits me at the start of sch - M460 project due on sat. gulp! = Really din put in too much effort in mastering ANSYS, cos always relying on vivian. Wasted 2 days of shit n stress trying to churn out a fucking report. N after that, a greater terror looms - FYP first draft. gulp! gulp! = Its amazing i still find time to blog now with the imminent deadline exactly 1 week away. I'm even thinking of going home later to watch the Lakers vs Mavericks match later at 1130am.

Ok wait, so where m I now? N how has the first line of my blog deviate to talking abt sch work? Since when has sch work ever given me any surges of emotions? haha. Ok, now for the facts: i'm in sch currently and the time is 9:58am and its a saturday. Normally I dun even go sch on fri, so y m i in sch on a sat??? A lot of question marks encircling ur head now? hehe. Well, someone flew my aeroplane again. Hmm... so what's new? It's the 3rd time already, n i'm keeping count. How many times must I kena put aeroplane by her? So m i pissed abt it? I dunno what i'm feeling now too, partial disappointment n partial relief. I've a urge to give her a piece of my mind, but then again, just forget abt it. Not say i dunno her pattern, but then, she shd exercise some responsibilties over what she said rite? But either way, i would have to come sch today, or so I tot.

Got a M460 project to hand in rite? Yeah, rite n wrong! Now, on to complaining abt sth else. I wana screw all the NTU admin personnel. I was in sch on fri in the evening to hand in the project, reach CAD/CAM lab at exactly 5:25pm. The buggers there actually lights off and lab locked already. N its supposed to close at 5:30pm. Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck! I'm gonna kill all those buggers. Worse still, i gong gong think i can go n hand in today, but the lab's not open on a sat ~ So effectively speaking, i've just come to sch for nothing today. Well, what good fortune i have. Maybe I can round it off by meeting some hot babe in sch today. At least makes my time in sch worthwhile yeah? haha. I wish....

Some new interesting happenings in my online life recently. Well, of coz there r closures to other stories also, interesting characters like irene and ebby. Recently came across a frenster profile by the name of madeleine, and the photos she displayed r actually photos of irene n ebby that they have shown me. As in they r the same person. I noticed the uncanny resemblance the first time they showed me too, so now just proves the point that someone's faking it. I met irene online just yest, n she vehemently denies any faking. I'm not really bother who's faking who, since its just online frens at the end of the day. If u see me online, i'll chat with u, that's all. Well, welcome to the virtual world. Hmm.... so whats the interesting thing i'm talking abt? There's this new interesting gal, who's abt as elusive as ebby n irene. Only concrete thing which she reveals that i can check up on is that she works at a particular shop in heeran. Well, was telling her I might go down n check her out today, but guess depends on my mood later in the day.

Sometimes I wonder y m i nv romantically involved with the gals that r ard me? And saying that I have many gals ard me is an understatement even. The closest that i've ever gotten involved with someone in ntu is probably michelle or vivian, or maybe shiyi back in days of yr 1 n 2. Somehow I seemed to subconsciously seperate my uni life into 2 phases. Pre - huimin phase and post - huimin phase. It seems I became another person after our 2nd stint together. Now i seldom see michelle in sch, still been seeing vivian as often if not more, n mostly been seeing khim n chris cos always hanging in the lib after sch to do work. N what do all have them have in common? boyfriends. I guess that answers the qn I post on the first sentence of this paragraph.
Sth that I've always been reluctant to do, is to go after a gal who has a bf. Too much effort needed for results that has a high percentage of not going in my favor. Well, so how come other fuckers can snatch my gf in uni? Fuck again.

I think I've almost regain my neutrality in life, where i'm not constantly having someone on my mind. Maybe still have a soft spot for her somewhere deep inside. If not, what's stopping me from blowing my top everytime she puts my plane? Well, anyway, I find that it's in this kind of state of neutrality that I've been my most attractive. Love comes ur way when u least expects it. It's been proven true b4, so let's see it happen again now.

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