Saturday, March 12, 2005

End Of FYP

11th of March 2005. Today marked a number of significant dates. Firstly, its the deadline for my FYP first (and prob the final) draft. I finally got it all together in the morning, and handed in to Prof Seet. Here's how it goes:

Me: Prof, here's my FYP first draft. So what happens now that I've submitted the first draft?

Prof: Eh... well, usually students will do up their project and hand it in... blah blah blah (abt to launch into some long speech which is irrelevant)

Then I quickly cut in

Me: .... I mean will u be asking me to do any revisions to my project or anything like that ?

Prof: Oh, I'd have to actually read thru what u have written first (u mean u r not going to do that???) b4 I would know.

Me (stumped look): ok, so just inform me if u need me to do anything with my project.

Somehow he made me feel as if he's not really interested abt my project, sth that can be chucked 1 side and he'll pick it up n read it when he's really free or sth. Well, if he's as relaxed as it seemed, hopefully he can be as relaxed with his marking as well. But regardless of anything, this is the end of 1 yr of SHIT!!!! Hahahahahaha!!! For the past yr, there's not a moment when I can take my mind off the project, constantly nagging me in the back of my head. Bloody ass. Holiday mood now. lalalala ~

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