Wednesday, March 16, 2005

The Speechless Gal

Hanxi pointed out to me that in my previous entry I stated that 11th of March marks a few incidents, but then I only mention my FYP. Must be too eager to log off that time. hehe. So what other events r there?

Well, it happened to be min's birthday. Though it wun mean anything to me ever again, I doubt i'll be able to forget the date. I did not wish her happy birthday also. Oddly coincidental, it is also Jasmine's birthday. She told me in her last msg that she's getting married at yr's end also. We used to talk abt meeting up 1 day, guess it's not going to happen, somemore if she's getting married.

More to do with birthdays. Liz's birthday falls 2 days b4 that, on 9th of March. She made a cute request on the nite of her birthday while I was chatting with her online. She wanted me to sing her a birthday song. Thus marks the 1st time that we chat on the phone. Well, turns out i'm the 6th person to sing her a bithday song. = So much for significance? haha. We chat for quite some time, n subsequently for the next couple of nites. She asked me to sing for her. haha. The only other gal that I've sang for is Gillian. I used to approach her with the same caution I had as with Gillian, but not anymore. Maybe cos they're both from NUS.

Eh.... I think I shan't talk too much abt this, dun wana jinxed it. Things have a habit of falling apart after I start shooting my mouth off. And anybody who read this entry, pls dun say or think too much abt it ya? lalalala ~

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