Saturday, February 26, 2005

What To Blog.....

Hmmm...... not really in the blogging mood for the past many days. Why??? Maybe cos of the lack of things to talk abt, mainly the lack of any gal problems i would say. So is that a good or bad thing? Seriously i dun mind things the way it is now. No one in mind, but i'm actually happy. Just hanging out with my mates. Seems like the BC is offcially back in business again (not that it was ever gone with Jon in there). Princess n me are no more, Eugene n Lorraine r pretty far apart too, and now Lewis n April seems not too not in too good a state, judging by Lewis' state in recent days.

Excellent start of the yr I would say. hahaha. Well, at least now that we're all back to zero, it can be a new start too. Though i'm sure the both of them would rather hold on, but think i'll be moving in the alternate direction. I'm moving ahead, full of hope for the new yr. This yr will be a yr of change too, stepping into a different society. Finally leaving behind the sheltered school life that I've been living in for the past 14 years.

I saw Irene's pic on another gal's frenster profile. Her name was Madeleine. This shd put an end to the ebby n irene saga. They nv were real, imposters. No wonder it's been ages since i saw them online. But whoever's behind this really gotta be too free, to actually impersonate 2 person while chatting with me. That's it, i'm no longing trusting any online personnel.

Have been taking peeks at the infamous xiaxue blogspot recently. She makes a pretty darn good blogger too, with the ever interesting sex topics which she can blatantly talk abt.

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