Saturday, February 12, 2005

Chinese New Yr

Start of a new yr, at least according to the lunar calender. The time of the yr where u r suppose to make new yr resolutions. The time of the yr where u r supposed to go bai nian, see ur relatives whom u only see once a yr yet still have the cheek to take angbao from, and listen to them marvel at how much u have grown, as if u r still growing any taller for the past donkey yrs.

Well, at least I was happy this CNY. I recall vividly the past CNY. I spent the whole day sms-ing min, persuading her to come back to me. It was a lousy feeling. Really lousy. No way m i ever going to feel that way again. Moping the days away when everyone else r enjoying the festive season. I spent the most part of the day sleeping at grandma's place anyway. Woke up groggily and still made my way to Zouk after that. Joined eugene and his group of frens from US. Zouk was alrite, packed as usual, playing the usual retro mix. Unfortunately someone had to suggest Phuture. Had another of those nites where we trooped from Zouk to Phuture n Phuture to Zouk countless times. What's it all for anyway? Phuture sucks to high heavens. Had my fair share of drinking, Lamborghini, Sex on the Beach, some Sour Apple shit, n of coz my fave Gin Tonic!!! haha

The clubbing outing with weiling came to naught again. I wasn't very upset abt it actually, in fact I wasn't upset at all. Maybe just a tad disappointed. Cos I expected it to not happen anyway. The lesser the expectation, the gentler ur fall. True of coz. I've come to expect this from weilingsss. 'Nothing's ever confirm until she's physically standing in front of me.' Well, michelle kind of one-up her, the time she go clubbing with me but join other guy frens there instead. Though she nv put my plane b4, but what she did was still quite ultimate. Really piss me to the limit that time, haha. (Dun kill me if u happen to read this michi, =p)

I sense my weird luck at work again. Been running into a lot of pple the past week. Met xinyi at cineleisure when I was hanging out with eugene. The next day I saw gillian at Westmall when I was kopi-ing with hui. Then subsequently saw adeline when I was shopping at Suntec with vivi.
Too much of a coincidence? Just me n my luck. V-day approaching. Time to reclaim the rest of europe from the german army. Oops, that's D-day. =p pple asking me if i'm gonna chu any pattern, I have no ans to that myself.

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