Thursday, February 08, 2007

ICT Number 3 Week 1

I'm nearing the end of my 3rd ICT today, will be out-process tomolo b4 dinner. All in all, this 2 weeks ICT is still pretty alright. Just quite fucked for the main mission. The 1st week was good; they actually did not indent dinner for the entire week. Means nights-off every nite. EVERY nite. It was quite a relaxed week, just the tot of the pending 1 week out-field at tekong the following week haunting us constantly.

As with all army events, aapproximately 50% of the time goes to waiting. As the saying goes, "Rush to wait; Wait to rush".

The 1st nite, I actually intended to go down to Union. I was pretty early, and I rem Piggy shd be having cha cha lessons at JJ. So decided to pop by JJ to see if she's ard. Lucky I did pop by, as June caught sight of me and gave me the alternative dates for the Salsa Inter 1.5 lessons that I've missed. And so, I did meet Piggy there. She looked good that time. White top with green skirt. She din intend to go Union that nite actually, and had wanted to go for dinner with her frens. However, since I'm there she decided to accompany me instead. We went for a walk ard the area, but actually I wasn't feeling very well. Think had food poisoning from the late nite malay chicken rice at Changi Pt with Piggy that nite. Later was I to know that that particular chicken rice stall is supposed to be famous. It almost made me die on Friday nite though. Was running a fever thru sat which made me unable to attend the last sat Union Square b4 my ICT. I was still feeling the after-effects on Mon nite while I was out strolling with Piggy, but I guess she made it all worthwhile.

The 2nd nite I went home during nights-off. Well, tot ICT can help me to save some money. The cab fare to and fro camp is equivalent to my usual spendings when I'm outside I guess.

The 3rd nite I went down to Union! Not bad, quite a few of the gang was ard. Piggy was there too, but I hadn't told her b4 hand that I was going down. Guess it doesn't make much of a diff to her. She wasn't with me for most of the nite either.

The 4th nite I went home again. Money... there it goes.... =(

The 5th nite was reminiscent nite. I went for a walk ard Tampines central. Tampines Mall, Century Square, the usual places where I usually hanged out during my NSF nights-off. The place changed though. The familiar arcade center and comic shops were no longer there. But I could feel the familiar feeling in the air again. As I queued for No. 29 at the bus interchange to go back camp. The feeling of being constraint. The feeling of uncertainty. The feeling of not being in control of my own life. Man, I hate the army.

And on the 6th day....... book-out right? Yes, but not so soon...... Insert IPPT in the afternoon! Fuck. Courtesy of Mr Foo, who seemingly haven screwed me enough during my NSF days that he's gotta become the CO of NS men now and continue to screw with my life. Well, IPPT right? It doesn't seem so bad, just fail 2 static stations and proceed to out-process yea? That's what I did. Along with several other pitiful souls who tot they have found a way out of this intendedly-scheduled IPPT meant for fucking up pple's life. (They purposely book IPPT for those who have yet to clear it this workyear in the AFTERNOON, n not in the MORNING, so as to fucked up ur weekend) But guess they have predicted this ploy from the lao jiao NS men. Mr Foo was there in person wearing his highly-decorated smart 4 to see us take the IPPT thru the end. Run! Even if u failed 2 static stations. So run it shall be then. Actually I'm quite amazed that I still have it in me for the 2.4km run. Even though I failed, but the leisure run timing that I did was still quite ok for my standard.

That was followed up by 1 night of Union Square which ended pretty early for a sat night. I was ignoring Piggy that nite. Somehow her recent blog entries din exactly made me feel happy. She did come by to my corner once in a while, but we did not converse much as I did not wish to talk that nite. She did tell me when she's leaving, n that was pretty early. So i ended by Union nite pretty early that sat nite too.

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