Thursday, February 08, 2007

ICT Number 3 Week 2

Week 2 of ICT. Pulau Tekong week. How nice. I have not visited Tekong in like 6 yrs? Well, somehow I think I'm being eaten in my detachment. My detachment consists of majority 3rd Coy pple and a couple of lao jiaos from other coys. I was somehow arrowed to go for Matador live firing on Fri and another piece of' "good" news greeted me on Mon morning just b4 we move out to Tekong. My Det Com spoke to me:

"Go draw 1 MG."


"Our detachment needs 1 MG."

"I dun want to take MG leh, I'm not trained anyway. Can get someone else?"

"Just draw out first. We'll take turns."

Take turns. Take my fucking shit! The only time when someone else touches the MG was during withdrawal of the mission when I have to lag behind to make someone take note of the fucking MG.

1st day at Tekong was day n nite component training. The first day almost killed me already. Think not conditioned to field yet. I went to bed (safari bed) at nite with my whole body aching. I was left wondering how to go thru the remaining few days and the mission at Tekong.

2nd day was all the dunno-what orders and a day and nite rehearsal. I was in pretty much of a daze in the early part of the day. Hadn't had a good nite sleep the previous nite. I woke up abt every hr. So I took every opportunity I had to snooze during the day. Come rehearsal time at nite, I felt re-energized already. My body adapts v fast to the surrounding. And I was left thinking the mission on Wed nite would be chicken feat. =)

Wed came n Wed went. The mission was seriously fucked. Our Det Com is a nice guy I would say, but just not too efficient workwise.

Thur nite and I'm at home blogging currently, waiting for tomolo to come. Well, whenever I'm in camp, I would inevitably think of Min. I guess it's because of the times when we were together. I was serving NS and she was the inspiration of my life then. The reason I fought. The reason I try as I might to stay out of trouble. Because I value the opportunity to see her every weekend too much. I actually dreamt of her the first nite while I was at Tekong. It was a negative dream. I dreamt of Piggy on Wed nite. negative dream as well. I haven heard from her the whole week. The last time I sms her was on Sun nite to tell her that I'll be away in Tekong for the coming week. Nil news since then.

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