Sunday, October 08, 2006

Hazy Days, Hazy Memories

I see blurry images and hazy skies when I step out of the house nowadays. After a good 10 yrs, I smell the familiar scent of the polluted air again. The scent.... beings me back a good 10 yrs, back in 1997...

It was JC1, when I was with Xiaowei. It was going towards the end of our relationship as well, sometime around Aug or Sep. Not that I still hold any feelings towards that, just that the familiar scent of the hazy airs inevitably causes me to reminiscene about the past. I would used to take the train back with her to AMK everytime we go out, and we'll walk along the walkway alongside the MRT track to her hse. Then while she goes up, I'll make my way to the overhead bridge and see her till she goes in her hse. Then I'll slowly make my way back on the same walkway, the familiarity of this routine so deeply entrenched in my mind that even till now, it is still so hauntingly clear, like it was just yesterday.

Well, my first relationship may not be the most memorable, but it sure did teach me 1 impt lesson, that is the balance between girlfriend and friends. We started out as frens who hang out together in 1 clique, but after we got together, we gradually isolated ourselves from the clique. I guess this is a natural phenomenon, either by choice or by circumstance, that couples will generally isolate themselves. Furthermore, the class' efforts to leave us to ourselves add to the effect. We got tgoether in Feb, and before long ard sometime in May, it had made me fell out with Eugene. (This has got to be the most ridiculous event that ever happened now that I think back on it. Imagine a gal being jealous of a guy fren? WTF?)

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Anonymous said...

either ur guy friend is extremely good looking or she thinks u have gay tendencies? whahaha..