Sunday, October 15, 2006

Amusing Events In China

Just a brief recap of some amusing incidents which I witnessed in China lately

On my previous trip to Shanghai, I was in a cab with Honghui on the expressway when the cab came to an abrupt halt, and started to crawl along at a snail's pace. At first, I tot it was ntg more than just another rogue vehicle abrupting changing lane. But when I peered out the front, here's what I saw:

There was a balding old man trotting along, with eyes closed and 1 hand held in a praying posture, slowly ambling across the road, oblivious to all vehicles waiting for him to make his journey to the other side of the road. WTF? Close ur eyes and pray to Buddha that u dun get knocked down while u cross the road???

But then again, I have come up with 3 theories on road-crossing techniques in Shanghai.

1) Regardless of any traffic regulating instruments / objects / officers, the idea is to just get across the road without getting urself killed. All other things doesn't come into consideration.

2) Zebra crossings (or so as they are known in Singapore) in Shanghai r but just a guideline telling u where u can possible attempt to cross the road. U try crossing like u do in Singapore will likely see u sprawled on the grd 3 feet from where u stood moments ago.

3) Here's what we are taught in pri sch:

Look right. Look left. Look right again and cross the road.

Here's what will happen if you practise this in Shanghai:

Look right. (traffic clear) Look left. (traffic clear) Look right again (traffic seems clear) and cross the road. (U get knocked down)

All thanks to the left-hand drive system in China.

And on my recent trip to Chengdu, while walking back to our hotel with Honghui and Carrie after lunch, here's what I saw:

There was a little gal of abt 3 or 4 yrs old, kneeling on the side of the road, holding a chopper (yes, the kind of meat cleaver which we use to chop tir ba in the market) attempting to cut some grass. (Who the hell knows what kind of valuable shit is in the grass?) Must they go to this extent???

Haiz.... China.

A little sth on my 1st Chengdu trip. Well, Chengdu beats Shanghai hands down in terms of the babe factor. The cai spotting rate along a normal street is abt 1 per 5 min. Some pics.... not of cais though. hahaha.

A building beside my customer's premise along a secluded road in a secluded area which is devoid of much activites in the day time.

My new fren in Chengdu. A really nice gal, who brought me out on my 2nd nite in Chengdu which I have to spent alone otherwise. We went to this place called "Jin Li Gu Jie", loosely interpreted as Jin Li ancient street. It's a short stretch of road in which all the buildings look like they came out from a period drama show on tv. I half expected to see a "dian xiao-er" wearing their "chun min" hat appear in the shops.

The pub which we hanged out at at Jin Li Gu Jie. We were on the 2nd floor of the building, which looked like a "ke zhan" on the exterior, but pretty modern in the interior. Really dark and cosy feeling.

My fave activity during army times! Wayang! =P

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