Monday, September 18, 2006

Pics Are Up

I realised that I seldom post photos on my blog. It kinda makes it a boring blog with only endless rows n rows of words abt my love life. (It's quite troublesome to post pics ya know? And after that gotta caption it properly and ensure all the settings are aligned) Well, lemme just edit and insert in some photos along the way. U might catch some new photos if u bother to scroll thru some of the previous entries new pics. =)

Hmm.. I seem to have totally detached from Salsa already, after my last Shanghai trip, especially after Union last nite. Well, this trip caused me to miss 2 of 4 Rueda3 lessons, effectively forcing me to drop out of class. So now I gotta wait for the upcoming batch of Rueda1 class to reach Rueda3 before I can join. And in the meantime, I'm neither here nor there. My Rueda class pple are already joining the expert Rueda grp, which I dun think I can join in yet. Plus I'm not really familiar with the now Rueda1 class pple. Shucks...

1 comment:

Johnny said...

Hey you worry too much already. We will always be Salsa buddies. Join us for Rueda and we can still Rueda together okay. Cmon, we are not asses alright. We belong together
Wah biang !!! DAMN Brokeback lor!!!!