Monday, July 03, 2006

(Un)Happy Birthday?

I have pretty much come to terms with the end of the relationship. We had a talk over the phone on Thur nite, which made me see that there was no way I could have made her stay. The situation is just that futile; she being barely 20 and stuffs. There's gonna be a lot more changes ahead even if it did not end now. Now, I've just got to get my hp back from her and the chapter can be closed. I'm having mixed feelings abt this. I dunno how I'd feel when I see her. I rather I don't see her, if just for maintaining the peace in my mind now. But then again, so be it lah. I'd prob run into her in CCK numerous times in the future. Get used to it soon least I run into her holding someone else's hand.

The past weekend was eventful. Helped Hanxi celebrate Serene's birthday at West Coast park along with her frens. It was meant to be sort of a surprise to her. Me and 3 other of her frens, Blythe, Michelle and Weiqi stationed ourselves at West Coast Park and arranged a heart shape with candles on the sand. Then Hanxi brought Serene and after that we all stayed at Mac to watch the remaining of the England Vs Portugal match. Well, even if i can't be happy, at least I can help other couples be happy.

My birthday comes exactly 10 days after hers. Actually to me, birthdays are ntg special, especially at this age. Don't really have the intention to throw a grand party or paint the town red. But Jess did ever suggest while we were still together to celebrate my birthday together. She asked me what I wanted for present, which I told her that I don't need presents. We'll just go for a date, movie n dinner or sth to that effect. Another time she even asked me what kinda cake I want. Gone with the wind. Gone is her heart.

Guess no matter what I do now on that day, I'll still be blanketed by the thought of her celebrating birthday with me. Just let it pass uneventfully, it's only 1 day.

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