Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Monday was a bad day. I saw it coming all along somehow. We quarelled on Saturday, after she went Sentosa. We broke up over the phone, after which we agreed to give it another shot over the phone as well. She agreed to meet me when she reach CCK. It nv happened. She said she was tired and wana go home instead. I told her I'll be going down to Union Square. I got myself so dead drunk on beer that I concussed outside Union Square on the floor.

Sunday. We initially agreed to meet. Maybe to talk things out. Maybe just to go out just like normal. Agreed to go for a movie at Suntec. Meet ard 430pm. It was pushed to 530pm. It was cancelled cos she feeling too tired. I asked her to come over to my place. She said see how later. It din happen. She said we'll meet for dinner tomolo after work instead. I knew she was pushing it.

Monday. Late afternoon I asked where she wana go n eat. She said she doesn't feel like eating, not hungry. I asked if we're gonna meet later. She said she dunno. I knew she doesn't wana meet anymore. She doesn't wana tell me face-to-face that she wants a break up. I knew she's thinking of that. It happened anyway.

I can't work well the entire day. I took 2 days leave on Tue and Wed. I need time to sort out my feelings; to get back to life without Jess. A hiatus, I'd call it. Abeit a short one. I hope it helps me get back on my life. I still gave her morning calls for the past 2 days. She did not pick up but she did sms me afterwards.

How long would this take? The road to recovery again...


Anonymous said...

You never did recover, did you?

Cloud Strife said...

No, not yet... but I'll be back. The Beast will be back again. He always does.

"They stab it with their steely knives. But they just can't kill the beast" - Hotel California

Lewis said...

Remember the Door Bro.