Sunday, July 30, 2006

Just Some Fucked-Up Shit

I'm getting more and more fed-up with my job and all the crap that comes along with my "beloved" customer from mainland. I haven't had a weekend without disturbance for months. Something would just seem to go wrong every Friday evening and fucked up my weekend. And they have to call me on weekend mornings to tell me some crapshit which I already known. And it would not only be 1 phonecall. It would be a few of them, just to say the same old crapshit all over again. Come on, if it's not anything new, fuck the early morning calls and let me get my rest. And I know someone up there is thinking I'm not doing a good job with my program, and at the same time still assigns me to take over some other guy's program which is now in a mess and expects me to clean up the shit for him, while he gets all the recognition. This is life. But I've no intention to take shit from no one. I can tolerate the non-recognition but anything further than that, you're pushing ur luck. When need be, "screw you guys, I'm going home~"

I feel that I'm in a crossroad in my life in every aspect all over again. Fed up with my job, stuck in limbo with my social life, non-existent is my love life. I've taken salsa for almost close to a yr now, but currently I'm pretty much considered a drop-out student. I longed to anyhow grab a gal and hit the dance floor like everyone else, but I'm still not at that level, despite having picked up salsa for so long. Maybe I'm just not meant to dance, or maybe in the first place I appraoched salsa with a lackadaisical attitude. More like some activity to pass time than a passion. Salsa resolutions: retake the intermediate levels and hit the salsa dance floor all over again. Master Bachata and Rueda.

Now now, what's there to speak of of a love life that is non-existent? I'm back to my old ways already, enjoying the pleasures of singlehood. Jesslyn was but a flash-in-the-pan. (and a pain-in-the-ass) Gals, they come and they go. Prob I had some external help, with Serene being a healthy distraction. But then again, perhaps it's not really that healthy, with she being attached and having another of my fren sort of interested in her. I'll be fine if I dun allow myself to fall, so long everything is still within my control. Just a distraction.

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