Thursday, July 13, 2006

Happy Birthday After All !

If I had said it once, I'd say it again. The Beast will be back, and he is now back.

Just some last remnants of the Andy-Jess affair. She deleted me from her Frenster. Then I saw her on msn 1 day with comments beside her nick : "Hehe... My deardear is the BEST!" I checked her Frenster profile. In A Relationship. Not to say I did not expect this. In fact I knew it's gonna be sth like this anytime. Sometimes gals can be just so full of bullshit. Especially little gals like her. Well, be it. I'm not much affected. When things come to such a stand, it's no longer a case of being over it. It's more like she's not worth it.

My birthday came and went in a subtly eventful way. Early in the morning before I reach work, got a call from my sup asking me where I was. They actually got a card for me for my birthday. Sth unexpected, from a seemingly dull office enviroment. Haha. As the day goes on, the birthday sms started to trickle in. I must say Frenster played a big part in this. Serene left me a bday testimonial. After work was Rueda time. They remembered as well. Qi Xiao bought me sth too. All these sms and little gestures. It does mean sth to me.

Thank you,
Hanxi, Lewis, Eugene, Sok, Duckie, Cynthia, Serene, Hui, Min, Kit, Nicolette, Pris, Christine, Qiqi, Sandy, Michi, Vivian, Fab, Qi Xiao, Johnny, Ai Chin, Ellen, Zhaojun.
To all those who care.

Some photos from my mini birthday celebration at Settlers' Cafe with JC mates.

A normal looking grp photo. =)

Whack the birthday boy!

One with the hunks

One with the babes

We played Cranium (Duckie's crazy over this game) , and Monopoly LOTR edition. It was pretty fun (I bought Mount Doom already leh.... It was the Mayfair spot on normal Monopoly), but Duckie keep pressing for a change of game. Somehow, Cranium doesn't seem to be my game. The few times I played all on the losing team. After the games, we went to Essential Brew for some tea on a rainy day.