Sunday, August 06, 2006

What The Fuck Am I Doing Here?

Have you ever found urself in a position where u r with a whole grp of pple partying, having fun, basically just having a good time, and then u were suddenly reminded that you actually dun know much abt the majority of the pple and they r pple whom u just got to know. And in ur mind's eye, u wonder aloud "What the fuck m I doing here?" Not in a bad way, but just the incredulous feeling that you r genuinely having fun, but with pple who r slightly a bit more than strangers.

Ever since I started working, I found myself being in this position more and more. Not cos of work of coz; coz of the activities I joined after I started work. Mainly salsa. The rate of my social circle growth is expanding at an exponential rate ever since salsa. Sth I enjoy is the camaderie with the grp. That you have a regular grp of pals available for various activities.

I sense I may get expelled from the grp soon. It might just be my paranoia, knowing that I'm in a position of social taboo currently, being seemingly interested in Serene. Is she really just a distraction? I seriously doubt anything might blossom between us, given the intense competition and the bottomline being she is attached, though I dun hear much regarding the supposed bf. He seems missing in action. I haven done salsa at union in a long time. But I asked Serene to dance. If she isn't special, I dunno who is. I dun feel I'm being unethical, if she will like me, she will. If she chooses someone else, I'll accept it.

It might not even be a good idea to pen this down, not knowing if anyone in the salsa grp might be reading this. Like the shock I have when I realised Michelle (colleague) is reading my blog.
But heck, so be it. I'm know to be above concerns of social and peer views. I'm an island anyway.


Anonymous said...

You're one big overweight island

audrey said...

And i read your blog too.
No, i don't think it's wrong to like someone.
No, it's not wrong to ask her to dance.
No, you're not gg to be cast away anytime soon.

Seriously man, you worry too much.


On another note, who else is entered in the competition as well? Kpo kpo abit.