Monday, September 12, 2005

Shanghai Grand

Just take a look at what kind of comments my blog's been tagged with. What is this, man ! Hell, spam exist in blog tags even.

Anyway, I'm just gonna talk abt my Shanghai trip. This being my 1st biz trip abroad, I was kinda excited even when it was just 2 days b4 the date that I was informed. We took SQ flight n I was looking round to see if I could spot any stewardess I know. Seems I do know quite a few - Cuixia, Jasmine, Tricia, Enping, etc. In the end I spotted none, but there was this stewardess who looked pretty good and provide excellent service; Jeannie, I think that's her name.

1st Day
Half of Wed was spent travelling and it was already evening time when we reached the hotel. Rendezvous Merry Hotel Shanghai. The name does sound a bit sleazy, but it was kinda posh. Think 4 stars. We spent the first nite exploring Nanjing road, which leads to the fabled Shanghai Tan. Only thing is they called it Wai Tan there, aka the Bund. Actually it's just sth like the Esplanade area back home. Just plenty of high rise buildings by the bay. Though the neon lights made it rather spectacular. Got this sharp dick-shaped building which I dunno the name but think u all will know which one I'm refering to. Nanjing Rd was pretty much like Orchard Rd and that is inclusive of the price range. The only really cheap things there were CDs and food. We had dinner at some chinese restaurant, but we have difficulty in ordering the food even. (We would go on to have fish and toufu for the rest of our meals in shanghai, cos my boss' partial vegetarian) Not that I'm complaining, I like toufu n fish too. keke.

2nd Day
Ok, work starts on the 2nd day. We have 2 corresponding companies at Shanghai and I shall Call them Company S and Company C. Company C has been giving us problems aplenty ever since the start of the program, and the purpose of this trip was actually to sort out some issues which we failed to communicate over the phone or mail. It was dumb actually, because the communication breakdown was due to the language proficiency disparity between the 2 parties, though both sides speak mandarin. We spent the day running to n fro our warehouse at the domestic airport to Company C. My first meeting with the fabled xia lan Mr X, (our correspondence from Company C) but end up din really get to see much of him. Most of the time we were dealing with a this Miss Y. She turn out to be quite an attractive lass, but much too vivacious for most sg guys. Furthermore, she was wearing granny panties which kinda turns me off.

3rd Day
The 3rd day was spent dealing with Comapny S. They have this William Hung look-alike as our correspondence, n the pple at Company S r generally much nicer. We have 3 store personnel on rotating shifts running our warehouse. I met the 1st of them on the 2nd day, n incidentally, he is the bro-in-law of Mr X. So kinda like a spy? He treated us like we were some VIP though. The 2nd storeman was a moustachio/bearded guy from Inner Mongolia, whose reason for having this kinda look is cos his idol is some big beard fellow. My mind conjured up the image of Genghis Khan when I tot of that. The 3rd storeman was actually a lady. The 2nd n 3rd storeman r actually uni grads in China, while the 1st guy was employed as a personal favor to Mr X actually.

4th Day
the 4th day was also going home day. Time seemed to pass exceptionally fast while I'm in Shanghai. I remember looking out my hotel window every nite, trying to take in as much of the view as possible; to lock the image in my mind. This is my first visit to China in any case. No signs of any known stewardness on my way back either.

I went to snoop ard the duty free zone in Changi Airport when I landed. I met a sales assistant by the name of Lorraine while I shop for perfumes. She looks a bit like Daphne, and she was very friendly. We talked as though we r frens as I seeked her help on what perfumes to get. Well, it could all be part of her PR skills as an sales assistant but still it felt good. I tot of asking her for her contacts but the situation looked like it isn't too apt;I just seeked her help to buy 2 perfumes for 2 gals, and she's got the understanding that it's 2 significant gals. So it wouldn't reflect too nicely on me had I asked her for her contacts? I know the lot of u reading this would simply be thinking, "Yeah rite, that's just so U, isn't it?". Well anyway, just to summarise in 1 line - My balls failed me.


Anonymous said...

haha! how come u kena so much spam!!! haha.. i also kena abit once.. but yours damn funny lah!


desperate bitch said...

Ur balls failed you? or she rejected u outright?

Cloud Strife said...

She kicked me in the balls n ask me to fuck off while i lay grimacing on the floor.