Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Ming Xing Ou Xiang !

My blogging has been a bit not up to date recently. By rite I shd be writing abt sth that happened now; (aarrrgghhhh!!! Forgot the comma button is spoilt !!!) not sth that happened a week back. But last week's event was a bit too interesting to leave out. Ming Xing Ou Xiang !

Was supposed to go out with Michi on the Sunday following my Shanghai trip. She asked me to meet her at J8 cos her sis is trying out for the Ming Xing Ou Xiang. I made my way to the 3rd floor of J8 to find Michi; who was standing rite at the front of the barricade. So here's 2 overage guy n gal mingling among all the other little kiddies to catch a glimpse of the audition.

I just lost my mood to blog. To be continued...

Ok, I'm back. Lost my mood after being slammed yet again. Seriously, I dun even know y i bother trying to explain. Take it whichever way u want it. If u can't understand, then u dun know me. I'll be the bad guy then. Everyone feels I'm always the bad guy, what's the harm of being one again? Baddie. Well, then again, nobody really knows me. Even I doubt if I really know myself sometimes.

Sorry abt the Ming Xing Ou Xiang. Not really in the mood to talk abt it now. Just for the record, her sis din manage to get thru. Few did anyway. I was there for the whole afternoon n they chose a grand total of 3 participants who advance.

I attended Jason's wedding lunch yest. I could feel the atmosphere in the air. The feeling of love as they walked down the aisle. Well, even for a player like Jason. I guess marriage really surpasses all of that. For now at least.

As I looked at the gang of bro for Jason yest, most of them have a stable gf. Hanxi & Tricia. Jason & Jasmine (married). Jianyu & Xuemei. James & Yvonne. Ken & Stacey. Benny & Joey. Dun u pple think that I wouldn't want a stable relationship n settle down? I am flippant in my attitude towards gals, cos I refuse to commit till I'm sure she is the one. Or till I'm really crazy over her. I only wana treasure the one that I really like. The one that I will end up with. Is it all that bad???