Friday, September 23, 2005

Salsa Mania

Sth's happening to me. I can't focus my eyes n see n there's a perpetual pounding in my cranium when I'm tired. I see patches of black (or God knows what colours) when I try to focus, similar to when u've been staring at the sun or lightbulb for a while n then try to look at sth after that. Am I not getting enough sleep or drinking enough water? Or is it the effect of the China cigs? Or have I just been staring at the bloody comp for too long? My head's splitting n the pain twitches when I sneeze or cough. I better blog sth b4 I die.

I went for Wed Salsa class this week with Lewis n Qixiao cos Lewis can't make it on Mon. It's a rush as the time's at 630pm instead of Mon's 730pm. My tots as I crashed the Wed class:

"Y oh y, did I choose the Mon class???"

This class easily doubles the no. of babes in Mon's class. (Mon's class has only got 2, excluding Qixiao, so it isn't really that hard to double them actually) The instructor's a babe in the first place, though Lewis thinks our faggoty instructor does a better job. Ruth's been circulating an email to organise an outing to Union Square that nite. We declined to go intially, but then just decide to drop by n have a look. 6 bucks cover charge inclusive of a drink. Y not? Beats any normal clubs anyday. We did run into Ruth n gang at Union Square, n we hang ard together. We left at abt 10pm cos Qixiao's got a curfew.

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雪儿 said...

Salsa!!! Shake it! Shake it!