Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Oh ya.... it's that time of the year to make resolutions again. Mine's rather simple.

1) Save money !!!
No more unnecessary taxi rides, no more extravagant expenditures on gals who r not worth it, no more..... eh..... I guess that's it?

2) Cut down smoking !!!
Some of u may not believe that you are seeing this. Haha. Well, it may not be very successful but at least I'm trying ok? Gimme some credit ya? Hehe. Trying to restrict myself to 6 sticks a day, just nice to fit in my ciggie case.

3) Master Salsa !!!
Haiz.. I'm such a failure.

4) Shed those kilos !!!
1997 JC 1 - Healthy 67kg. Due to basketball everyday during sec sch days
1998 JC 2 - Still healthy 70kg. Due to food outburst when I get attached
1999 NS - Lean & fit 76kg. All the training somehow made me weigh more
2000 NS - Balloon 80kg. Slacking the 2nd yr away made me balloon =
2001 Uni 1 - Unhealthy 80kg. Started my unhealthy lifestyle. Smoke n booze
2002 Uni 2 - Slim 78kg! Gasp, first time my weight gone down. Been exercising. Hehe
2003 Uni 3 - Explode 82kg. Getting attached somehow doesn't bode well for my weight
2004 Uni 4 - More 85kg. IA made me gain weight. =(
2005 Work - Slowly 87kg. The life of a working man... haiz
2006 Work - I hate working life! 100kg soon... hahaha

Find myself a gal who loves me? 爱不爱都受煎熬


dawn said...

hope to cya burning the dance floor with all the salsa and rueda moves in the comin year... mega-memory man right?!?! wahahha

Cloud Strife said...

yo... dawnut. i got ur lala with me leh. how to return u?

dawn said...

you can gimme on sat... or next wed when we go for rueda... hee~ no worries i got lotsa la la at home and in the office too! woo...

audrey said...

what the hell is a lala???!

Whatever it is, can i have one too?