Thursday, January 11, 2007

La La

Alright folks, in the season premiere this week, we shall unveil the secret to the billion dollar question raised at last season's final episode:

What is a La La ?

This mystery has one little (oops... little again.. hehe) gal perplexed for the past 4 weeks, hardly able to get a wink of sleep at night, cos she simply must know what is a la la ! And her wish will be fulfilled tonight !

La La-s hail from the distant planet of Saturn, with it's homeland on the nineth moon of Saturn, where the atmosphere consist of 70% methane gas n 30% Calvin Klein Escape cologne.

So how does a La La look like? It's a 4 legged creature covered in white fur with black patches (imagine a cow here), somewhat resembling a rodent, abt the size of ur comp mouse. It's diet consists of CDs (Yes, CD. not VCD or DVD. Strictly CD) and 10 bottles of Vitagen a day. Upon contact with chio gals, the La La will transform into a savage, green scaly lizard-like beast which breathes fire and consumes anything in sight.

The La La-s arrive on Earth in yr 2000 during the millenium countdown planning to invade Earth and colonise us but fell prey to Dawn, whom they mistaken for a Dawnut. When they finally realise that Dawn's not a Dawnut and can't be eaten, they had lost their drive to take over Earth as they were too smitten with Dawn. (Somemore she threatened to cut off the water supply to the Vitagen factory so that they can't produce Vitagen no more) So they choose to co-exist n blend in with everything else on Earth. The La La-s made Dawn their ambassader on Earth and resides ard her vicinity. (Apparently she took them to her office as well. =|)

I tried to adopt a La La from Dawn, but it finished up all the CDs at my place in less than a week's time. Gotta return it to her now... haiz...

Well, u still want one? =)


dawn said...

yes yes where is my lala?? funny entry... i think audrey will neva be able to guess it... wahahha

audrey said...

dawn, u r right.

i still totally have no clue what you guys are talking about!~


Cloud Strife said...

well.... u were the one who pass me dawn's lala, u know? rem that rainy nite outside JJ dance studio after our rueda lesson? haha

audrey said...