Sunday, August 13, 2006

Retro Nite At Dbl O

Hmm... Audrey commented that my blog is a sad blog. Sad to say, I've to agree with what she said. =(

I started this blog cos I dun usually confide in frens abt my heartaches. So decide to pen it down here before the bottle burst... hehe. But I guess that must change. I'm different from the me in 2004, when I started this blog. I'm so much of a happier person now. I think I really have too much negative feelings trapped in me the past few yrs. Especially the 2 yrs following my break-up with Min. I got so much hatred in me that I couldn't even start a relationship proper.

So for a start, let's make this a happy entry. To date, I've not had an enjoyable time at Double O. But yest nite makes all the diff. It was Regina's birthday celebration at Dbl O, and initially few of us Supplies guys were supposed to go down. Then Joe and Melvin decide not to go, n Agatha said she's gonna reach quite late. So while I was on the train down, I decide to try to beat the 9pm cover charge at Union and sneak down for a short while. I knew Serene prob wun be there, cos she told me she's watching fireworks. Well I tot I wouldn't even be seeing her for this weekend. Haven seen her since she came back from Bintan. She asked me to go down to Terence's place on fri nite, but in the end I din go. I also can't explain y I refuse. I badly wanted to see her, but I guess I just din want it to take place at Terence's place.

So I hung ard at Union for a short while and then took a cab down to Dbl O. Then she sms me asking me where I'll be. I told her I'll be at Dbl O n asked her if she wana join me, to which she surprisingly agreed. So I spent the initial part of the nite playing games with Regina n gang, anxiously awaiting her arrival. Somehow, deep in the pits of my heart I've a nagging feeling that she'll just call it off n said she's not coming. But somehow, she came. =)

Oh.. and another thing. I finally found a place with my era type of music on a sat nite. Retro all the way. Yeah! Quite reminiscent of the numerous Mambo nites at Zouk, seeing the little kiddies with all their hand signals on the platform. So I was mainly alone with Serene the whole nite. Not since a long time has 2 person clubbing been so enjoyable for me. If only they played "Once In A Lifetime", then I would feel the magic again.

So all the high point eventually ended with a low point, when she said she wun be going back to Boon Lay for the nite. Spending her nite at what she called her 2nd home. I suppose it have to be her bf's place. I din ask her abt it, because there r some things which I do not like to hear. So I dropped her off and went home.

What becomes of this "distraction"?

First attempt at combined pic. A bit unprepared. My mouth is filled with ice, and Serene's looking a tat like Bugs Bunny.

2nd attempt at combined pic. Lovely picture. isn't it? My distraction.

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audrey said...


K la, give u some credit. this is a half happy entry. hehehe.

Glad to hear that you had fun the other day. Next time when u go clubbing at a retro place, ask me along lei. hehehe. i like retro too. But I don't like Zouk.

:)See u around on the dancefloor.

And i am still waiting for you to ask me to salsa. :P